UFO Crash, Castle, Egyptian Face Found On Sandwich Islands, UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: Feb 18, 2022
Location of discovery: Sandwich Islands 
Google earth coordinates: 
1: UFO 54°39'43.26"S 36°11'41.58"W 
2: Buildings 54°41'46.19"S 36° 7'21.69"W 
3: Face 54°36'50.77"S 36°10'38.34"W

Hey I found a few things near Antarctica yesterday. They are located on the Sandwich Islands. I used Google Earth to find them and you have to follow my instructions to go to the 2010 date to see the correct images, because todays images are so white nothing can be seen. It seems that Google wanted to hide some things this way, but they forgot the older images. 

I found an object which looks like a crashed UFO. It left a long trail, so either its crashed or its landed and moved...created the trail. I also found some structures. One looks like half of Noahs Ark on top of the hill near the UFO. Just a few meters from it is this church structure. Also there is a huge castle complex area a few km away. This castle area is all made by local rocks used as building material. It has a stone fence around it, a small pyramid, some smaller fenced areas and something that looks like an old landed blimp. On last object I found was a cat face with an Egyptian pharaoh head cover. 

All in all, these objects point to ancient life once existing on this island long ago on the mountain tops. Ancient aliens...existed and do exist on Earth. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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