UFO Being Pulled By Semi Truck Being And Escorted In California, 7-15-21, Two Videos, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: 7-15-2021
Location of sighting: Southern California, USA

Watch this semi truck and trailer being led by a police car in Southern California this week. You will soon notice that the trailer has no bottom, but instead has slings holding a huge disk object the size of two cars. Its being taken down the extraterrestrial highway, also known for its UFO sightings. Coincidence? No its not. You see, Area 51 is not far away and either is Nellis AFB, both of which have alien technology. They take the craft there, then back engineer them to learn how they work so they could make more. Undeniable Proof that the US military got their hands on a new UFO this week. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 
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  1. Do you really believe the government would hire a moving company to transport a capture UFO? Oh, come on now. Is this a serious site or a joke? (Lately I've been laughing at your posts.) Also, it's 'neither', not 'either'.


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