UFO hearing: Pentagon Insists That All Further Talks Are Behind Closed Doors (No Public Allowed) UFO Sightings Daily.


As I have said before, no matter how many hearings the public demands of the US gov, the Pentagon will never allow the truth to get into the hands of the public. Watch this video, and she states exactly the same thing I have said a thousand times before to other on this site and in my videos...UFO tech and alien intelligence is a matter of US national security. What I mean is these things can make a tiny nation like Taiwan suddenly become world dominate over all other countries if we in Taiwan had a trade agreement with alines or had crashed UFOs or aliens working with us. Its a huge security risk to military worldwide, but to the normal people...its just a an excuse to avoid telling the truth for a few more decades. 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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