Humanoid Face Found On Planet Mercury Map, Now Deleted by NASA, UFO Sighting News.



I discovered this human like face on the Planet Mercury on June 26, 2011. I was looking through Mercury photos when I came across this face. As you know if you frequent my site, I like to search for faces on alien planets and moons. Why? Because It's the closest thing to meeting them. So I search. 

This face is no longer there. NASA has deleted the photo and scrubbed it from the NASA site. However you still have the screenshots that I have saved here to remind NASA that committing fraud by hiding information from the public...is a felony offense. 

I see here that the face is a humanoid male who looks to be about 35 years old. However aliens will age differently of course. The nose, eyes, cheeks, forehead and mouth all point to being related to humans on Earth. Maybe these people were responsible for us exiting on Earth.
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


  1. This system (sol sun system of planets) was way different before they blew up the planet were the asteroid belt is, maybe we should call it after they blew up in Star Wars. Scott you are very creative come up with a name for the destroyed planet.

  2. cool great picture

  3. cool love picture!


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