My Video Got Into World News 4X In 24 Hours! Mars Face Discovered In NASA Photo. UFO Sighting News.

Hey I got into world news 4 times in 24 hours! UFO Sighting News is spreading fast. They liked a post I made about something I found on mars, a large totem pole like face on top of a hill. I'm glad the world news liked it, its in several languages so it actually teaches many people about life that once existed on Mars and how the US NASA rover projects ignore and pass by the evidence. It's not about me, it's about teaching others the truth, opening the minds of the public and realizing the truth about aliens existing.

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Link #1 UK Metro 


Link 2: https://www.clarin.com/internacional/investigador-vida-extraterrestre-afirma-encontro-estatua-alienigena-antigua-marte_0_Xnxhn6bFmR.html

Link 3: https://www.mynet.com/sosyal-medyada-gundem-olan-iddia-mars-tan-gelen-goruntulerdeki-ilginc-detay-dikkat-cekti-190101277031

Link 4: https://podroze.gazeta.pl/podroze/7,114158,29209314,posag-starozytnego-kosmity-odkryty-na-marsie-zdjecie-wykonane.html

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