Alien Base Discovered In NASA Moon Photo, Apollo 11, 1969, UFO Sighting News.

Mission: Apollo 11, 1969 
Location of discovery: Earths Moon 

Guys check this out. There is a three mile long alien base on the moon and it's just mind boggling. The original source of the photo from NASA has been altered and diminished in quality. However there is another source of it at an Internet archive that saves websites across the net and its photo is the original photo before NASA changed it. The original photo has a more clear view of the alien base, allowing us to see its tube like detail and its circle centers. No I don't think NASA wants to come clean and tell the public the truth about aliens existing. If they did, they would have already done it. So it's up to us, job public to bring the evidence to light. 
Scott C. Waring 

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