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Fleet of UFO Over Eastern Europe On May 24, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting:  May 24, 2016
Location of sighting: Minsk, Belarus, Eastern Europe

There is not much information about this sitting in a small country called Belarus, but we can see that there are many glowing UFOs in the sky over the hill. The most common UFO seen are glowing large orbs. These light up and other disappear almost ins sync.  I wish we had more footage and more info about this one. It is awesome that the person stopped their car and got out to record this. It is not recorded through glass, but just a normal view from the side of the road. 
Scott C. Waring 


2.5 Mile Wide UFO Moving Across Ocean Floor In Gulf of Alaska, May 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 2016
Location of discovery: Ocean floor, Gulf of Alaska
Google Map Source: 

This is kind of mind blowing. A large disk on the ocean floor has been moving and creating a trail behind it. This is directly from the Google Earth map. The UFO measures 2.6 miles across according to Google ruler. Understand the trail you see is only part of it. There is still hundreds of miles of trail around it that it also created. Awesome discovery by Securityteam10 of Youtube. 
Scott C. Waring 

Secureteam10 states: 
Secureteam10 is your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news, information on the government coverup, and the alien activity happening on and off of our planet. Send us YOUR footage by visiting the contact links below, and help us continue the good fight for disclosure!

UFO Seen At Space Station Close Up On @NASA Cam, Best UFO Seen In Years, May 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 19, 2016
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit at ISS

This UFO was seen and recorded by UFO researcher Streetcap1 of Youtube. Its easy to make out that the shininess is caused by its metallic surface. Its not a perfect disk, but does have areas of the disk that push outward as we see in the photo above. Its easy to see that this is not any space Russian Soyuz capsule or any shipment sent to the space station. This is one of the best examples of a UFO at the space station that I have seen in many years. Hats off to Streetcap1 for this awesome catch. 

Its funny that NASA decides to ignore all the thousands of UFOs on Youtube that have been recorded at the space station. I guess when your heads in the clouds, the publics opinion means nothing to you anymore. It may be time for the public to take over NASA and run it the right way.
Scott C. Waring 


Blue UFO That Time Jumps Through Space In NASA Photo, April 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 28, 2016
Location of sighting: Earths orbit
Source photo:

This UFO was found by Streetcap1 of Youtube has shows a blue glowing ship in Earths orbit. The ship is actually moving from right to left of the photo. How do I know it? Because it was caught not one time, but three time in that particular photo. The ship is actually jumping, not flying from place to place. Much like a time traveler would, but instead of time, its space. Check out Streetcap1 and his awesome video channel for more great discoveries. 
Scott C. Waring 

Mysterious green UFO in Southern California sky baffles onlookers, April 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 27, 2016
Location of sighting: California, USA
News source:

I have a strange feeling that on the night of April 27, several mysterious planes landed in the area where the UFO crashed. Janet planes (737 Boeing), which carry secret scientists and search and recovery teams to sites of top secret crashes from Area 51. I believe this alien tech craft in the hands of the USAF has been seen crashing Needles, California May 2008, a small city I once lived in. Back in Needles, a green glowing oval UFO was seen crashing and later retrieved by black helicopters and two Janet planes seen at the local closed airport. 
Scott C. Waring 

News states:
LOS ANGELES, April 27 (UPI) -- A green light streaking across the night sky over Southern California left witnesses baffled and even experts were short on firm answers as to the cause of the display. Several residents of San Bernardino County and the surrounding region reported spotting the mystery green light in the sky between 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. Tuesday, and at least one resident shared dashboard camera footage of the mystery light. Dr. Edwin Krupp of the Griffith Observatory said the green light may have been interplanetary debris that caught fire to create a meteor while entering the atmosphere. He said the object may have also been man-made debris from a previous space launch. Krupp said there is a strong possibility that the object completely burned up in the atmosphere, meaning it may never be conclusively identified.


Alien Face Found In Mars Crater On Google Mars, April 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: April 24, 2016
Location of discovery: Mars
Google Mars coordinates:  46°14'12.77"N 80°16'47.24"W

Archeologist search for ancient cultures here on Earth, find items hundreds and thousands of years old. Paleontologists study even farther back to millions, even billions of years. 

Well, when you combing both Archeology and Paleontology, you have...the Mars researcher. 

Marcelo Irazusta from Argentina is one such researcher that found a face so ancient that it predates most dinosaurs here on Earth. This face is big and its old, at least 500,000,000 to 1.5 billion Earth years old, but we can still make out some great detail, and is 1.5km by 1.03km. How is this possible? The surface of Mars doesn't change much over the years. Marcelo has some great skills at this, and I see those skills are growing fast.
Scott C. Waring 

Marcelo Irazusta states: 
The Argentine researcher Marcelo Irazusta, as on other occasions has found a new face on the surface of Mars. The image turns out to be very similar to the popular description of the face of Satan. Your clarity leaves no doubts. well proportioned eyes, nose, mouth and one of his ears and his typical horns, plus a third eye. The perfect distribution of each of its parts in an area of almost 2 km make it a humanlike image. Could it be coincidence? or are we looking at evidence of extraterrestrial civilization?


Cigar UFO During Daytime Over Prague, Czech Republic On April 5, 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 5, 2016
Location of sighting: Prague, Czech Republic
News Source: MUFON #75830

This is an interesting report from MUFON today. Its another cigar UFO. I enlarged it and altered the color to make it stand out more as you see in the red boxes. The UFO seems to change shape, but that is because it changes angle slightly. Its not changing shape, just its angle. I'm not surprised that he caught it on his computer instead of seeing it, because the computer screen is so big, and often on a sunny day, its hard to see the tiny screen on a camera or cell photo due to the reflection off the screen. 
Scott C. Waring 

Eyewitness states:
Sorry, I do not speak english. I only see the objects on my photos later on my computer. On the first photo is object directed nearly perpendiculary. On the second, as same as the third snap, an object is oriented horizontaly. All 3 snaps are during only two seconds, from 16:59:03 to 16:59:04 Prague time, 20160405. Interesting is big distance the object covered I think I saw the same object on the other photos (attached) probably. It is 16:59:31 (4917), 16:55:49 for both 4708 and 4709. On the 4708 is object on the left side up. I don´t know what is it.