Cigar UFO During Daytime Over Prague, Czech Republic On April 5, 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 5, 2016
Location of sighting: Prague, Czech Republic
News Source: MUFON #75830

This is an interesting report from MUFON today. Its another cigar UFO. I enlarged it and altered the color to make it stand out more as you see in the red boxes. The UFO seems to change shape, but that is because it changes angle slightly. Its not changing shape, just its angle. I'm not surprised that he caught it on his computer instead of seeing it, because the computer screen is so big, and often on a sunny day, its hard to see the tiny screen on a camera or cell photo due to the reflection off the screen. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
Sorry, I do not speak english. I only see the objects on my photos later on my computer. On the first photo is object directed nearly perpendiculary. On the second, as same as the third snap, an object is oriented horizontaly. All 3 snaps are during only two seconds, from 16:59:03 to 16:59:04 Prague time, 20160405. Interesting is big distance the object covered I think I saw the same object on the other photos (attached) probably. It is 16:59:31 (4917), 16:55:49 for both 4708 and 4709. On the 4708 is object on the left side up. I don´t know what is it.

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  1. A lot of tubular shaped base station carrier craft been seen quite often nowadays, hell i wonder "WHats Up" pun intended, ok ok seriously now, ive came to realize that permanent under water & deep under ground ET personel stations just may, now time for that one size fit all Thinking Helmet crewmates, & strapped on firmly 3 2 1 here goes, they just may need to relocate more often while in & under the earth now due to the upcomming & gradual geo physical shifting thats now starting to occure in this time more so now it seems than our modern day earth yrs past prior to planet X's nearing 3600 yr oval shaped orbital crossing around this solar sys's thats been forseen to happen in this earth time era now UC...

    Theres city sized massive craft out there thats waiting, but for whom or what purpouse is now questionable to most professional tho Sec/Gov uninitiated earth astrophysical observers for the present time who cannot say shit professionally to the global pub about what they're seeing up there imo.


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