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UFO Photo Mysteriously Vanished From British Files And Ministry Of Defense Office, UFO Sighting News.

Recently in the news a photo that was poster size has vanished from the MOD (Ministry of Defense) wall in an office and from the UFO files. Needless to say, I found the photo, viewed above. This photo was of a diamond shaped UFO that was over a Royal Air Force Harrier Jet. Why the photo disappeared is unknown. Of course this is not poster size and high detail like they described but I am certain this is the same photo that went missing. SCW

The photo was one of six taken by a pair of hikers who spotted a strange diamond-shaped object in the sky over Pitlochry, Scotland, on Aug. 4, 1990. It appeared to hover in the air near an Royal Air Force Harrier jet. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the unusual object above the ground for nearly 10 minutes before it zoomed away at high speed. "It looked like a diamond on its side; it was three-dimensional, meaning it had some depth to it," Pope recalled. "It was a dull, metallic gray color. But the most disconcerting thing about this was [that] despite its large size -- over 80 feet in diameter -- there was an apparent lack of any real aircraft-like structure to it. "Moreover, there was no apparent propulsion system and no markings," Pope added. "This made us think that whatever it was, it clearly was a technology significantly ahead of anything we had in our infantry or even on the drawing board."

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