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UFO Flying Over Moon And Makes 90 Degree Turn, Sept 16, 2011 UFO Sighting News Video.

Date of sighting: Sept 16, 2011
Location of sighting: Earths Moon

Eyewitness states: "The moon recorded in HD with my orion spaceprobe 130 eq and a 3x barlow lens and a c910 logitech web cam .If you look close you can see structures and possible UFO's .be sure to look very close at 2;54 something is flying on the surface of the moon."

(SCW) Also note there is another object much bigger that moves along the edge of the dark side of the moon at 1:26 at right side of the screen. 


Apollo 18, We’re Back! Fiction by SCW.

West took his first step on the lunar surface, slowly swinging his head around to glance at his extraordinary surroundings. He took a deep breath, feeling the isolation of the moment and glaring at the blue planet above him.
West hit a button on his sleeve. “Houston, I have left the lunar module and am setting up the live cam.”

“That affirmative Apollo. We are waiting with many TV cameras waiting for the setup. Eyes of the world will be watching.” Static interrupted Houston over the speaker.
He finished setting up the camera tripod and solar panels, slowly walking back to switch on the video for a live worldwide feed.

“Okay Houston. You should have live video in 5, 4, 3…” West almost froze in horror as he heard a powerful humming noise emanating from behind him causing his very suit to vibrate. He pressed the button on his bulky suit sleeve, but as he turned around toward the camera, he saw a back of what looked like a cute little squirrel peering into the live cam. “Houston, we have a problem.”
But it was too late. The world now knew the truth. The horror of it all.

written from my iphone.