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Glowing Orbs Return to Jackson, Missouri And Been There Off And On All Week.

Date of sighting: August 3, 2012
Location of sighting: Jackson, Missouri, USA

Some are saying there are unexplained lights around the Jackson area.
So far people can't point to something like a weather balloon or falling star or even a plane to explain it.
Now they wonder could it be related to incredible tales from Cape Girardeau dating back decades.
Some say a bar of red and white lights was hovering recently above homes in Jackson. People tell us they were mesmerized by beams and light shooting from either end.
Chris Clifton and others say the lighted craft showed up for at least five minutes twice over the last week around the Bent Creek area of Jackson.
Recent sightings prompted Clifton and others to do some research and they learned our area is no stranger to the unexplained. Now they wonder if all these close encounters of the Heartland kind could be the product of something out of this world. 
First let's go all the way back to April 1941 in Cape Girardeau Missouri. Rev. William Huffman of Red Star Baptist Church gets a call about a plane crash and is asked to help. 
His granddaughter recalled the so called family secret in this interview. 
"You couldn't see those eyes and not be affected," she said.
A recreated picture is the most compelling part of her grandfather's story. There was no plane and instead a saucer with three alien bodies. Mann says her grandfather was sworn to secrecy.
Through her own research, Mann discovered top secret declassified documents from archives in Washington, D.C. also detail her grandfather's story. 
Others in the Piedmont also recall hundreds of sightings of lights in the sky from the early 70s detailed in an old newspaper.
Sightings past and now present that give people like Clifton reasons to look for answers.
We're told local law enforcement also report sightings over the past five years.
Meanwhile, in that crash of 1941, I'm told it continues to be researched today and is the subject of books and documents.
All around the world many UFO enthusiasts feel sightings of picking up rapidly and becoming even more out of this world.


UFO sighting at Jackson, Michigan of grey disk in blue sky on May 24, 2011, Paranormal News.

Date of sighting: May 24, 2011
Location of sighting: Jackson, Michigan, USA

Eyewitness states:

"I was taking pictures in downtown Jackson Michigan, I bracket my pictures (take 3 at a time at different exposures) for HDR imaging. It takes less than a second to shoot a bracketing of 3 photos. When I got home to process them, I noticed on one of the three bracketed photos was something to the right of this stone arch i was shooting."

"I was angled up towards the sky with my canon 7D camera. The craft is only on one of the three photos, I was also using a tripod. I didnt notice anything while shooting the pictures, no sound, nothing to grab my attention. I only noticed when I got home and started processing my photos."

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