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Obama On UFOs: 'I Can't Reveal Anything' Jimmy Kimmel Show, March 15,2015, Video UFO Sighting News.

Date of interview: March 2015
Person being interviewed: US President Obama

This just came out last night. Obama came out on the Jimmy Kimmel show and shot off some smart @!#$ remarks about aliens and UFOs. Why bother reading his facial expressions or the speed his blood vein in his neck is speeding up or slowing down, when you and I both know no US president will ever release such information. 

Full disclosure will not come from the US movement, but instead will come from the public. That guy on Youtube who made just one video of an alien building he found on the moon in NASA photos, or that guy in traffic that recorded a UFO and then posted the video to the net. It will come from all of our hard work, all of our faith and all of persistence.  You see, our information is adding up by the second. If the public knows the truth, then @#$# the US governments views on the subject. We don't need them. We have each other. What we need is alien contact with the public, but when will that become an alien priority? Till then, we are on our own. Post those videos you make of the discoveries you made in NASA photos, or that sighting you had, or post the info of the UFO sighting or contact you had. We are all that matters. SCW