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UFO Shows UP To Catch UK Air Show And Surprises Spectators, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: 2013 but reported Sept 25, 2016
Location of sighting: Scarborough, UK
Source: MUFON #79384

This UFO was reported today at MUFON, but it occurred back in 2013. It shows a dark disk flying past a jet stream in the air, which seems to be analysing the pollutants from the jets. UFOs are often attracted to aircraft, because they have the newest in flight technology and seeing the jets show off their capabilities is of high interest to some aliens. This way they can accurately predict when we will have public space craft carrying us from planet to planet. Algorithms predicting the future...they rely on this too much, and one day, we may too.
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
My father in law was watching an display team flying in formation over the north bay in Scarborough, UK. He took a few shots with his iPhone and when he reviewed them later that day he noticed the object in the picture. He did not notice it at the time and it did not show up in any other frames. I imported the picture into iPhoto on my Mac and was able to enlarge the image to show the approx size and shape in more detail. There was many other people watching the display and it is highly likely that this object was caught by another person with a camera.


Obama On UFOs: 'I Can't Reveal Anything' Jimmy Kimmel Show, March 15,2015, Video UFO Sighting News.

Date of interview: March 2015
Person being interviewed: US President Obama

This just came out last night. Obama came out on the Jimmy Kimmel show and shot off some smart @!#$ remarks about aliens and UFOs. Why bother reading his facial expressions or the speed his blood vein in his neck is speeding up or slowing down, when you and I both know no US president will ever release such information. 

Full disclosure will not come from the US movement, but instead will come from the public. That guy on Youtube who made just one video of an alien building he found on the moon in NASA photos, or that guy in traffic that recorded a UFO and then posted the video to the net. It will come from all of our hard work, all of our faith and all of persistence.  You see, our information is adding up by the second. If the public knows the truth, then @#$# the US governments views on the subject. We don't need them. We have each other. What we need is alien contact with the public, but when will that become an alien priority? Till then, we are on our own. Post those videos you make of the discoveries you made in NASA photos, or that sighting you had, or post the info of the UFO sighting or contact you had. We are all that matters. SCW


UFO Sightings Daily To Appear On Ancient Aliens.

Hey guys, I have some exciting news. I've got a few emails from the director of Ancient Aliens TV series and he has expressed interest in using my UFO site on a few of their shows. I already signed the contract and sent it back to him. I am not getting any payment from them, nor do I want one, but the publicity is always nice, because it brings in new readers who might not have otherwise found our site. What episode they will be using it on I have not been told yet, but if I find out I will tell you. Scott C. Waring


UFO Fleet Over Vegas, Nevada Street On Nov 2, 2012,

Date of sighting: Nov 2, 2012
Location of sighting: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas they say, however this UFO sighting of these glowing orbs moving over a busy downtown street is quickly going viral. These UFOs are following one another in formation. A lot of people may say they are reflections on the window, but this would be wrong. The UFOs are there, only the stop lights red color reflects off the window. With David Copperfield (magician) at the MGM Grand in Vegas that night, perhaps they wanted to catch a show. I saw David once here in Taiwan…absolutely brilliant. SCW


Coast To Coast Radio Talk Show: Alien Abductions

Host: George Noory
Guests: Kim Carlsberg, Brad Steiger, Robert D. Miles, Miriam Delicado, Travis Walton

Artist and photographer Kim Carlsberg discussed her first conscious alien abduction, the nature of the extraterrestrials who took her, the hybrid children resulting from the abductions, and the military bases where she was taken. Her experiences began in 1988 with a vivid UFO sighting in Malibu. Her first abduction followed, where she found herself paralyzed inside an elevator, and receiving telepathic information. She was taken into a huge room with hundreds of tables, with unconscious human beings on them. She described the aliens who were conducting tests as looking like "anorexic Pillsbury Doughboys,"-- about 3 and a half feet tall with big heads, and big eyes.

The aliens have been extracting human DNA to create hybrids, Carlsberg explained. "I believe some of them [the hybrids] are already here...I've met many of my hybrid children and they are exceptional beings. They are so superior to the greys and the humans in so many ways, because they've got the best of both worlds," she revealed. While some abductions can be brutal and frightening, she believes the ETs are here to help us evolve. She also described military involvement in some of her abductions, as well as experiencing disturbing military interrogations after some of her ET encounters.

Please visit Coast to Coast at:


UFO Sighting Caught on BBC News Live Broadcast, Aug 16, 2011 video.

Date of sighting: August 16, 2011 Location of sighting: London, England Dedicated viewers of Channel 4 News pointed out that a potential UFO was seen behind MP Tom Watson's head during an interview. What do you think it is?