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Alien Fingers Seen In Rover Mars Photo! It's watching! UFO Sighting News.


NASA Photo:

Guys I found this like a decade ago, but never made a video of it so here we go. I found these claw-like fingers coming through the left side of the NASA photo. The claw looks like that of fingers from an alien that would have been standing about 2 meters tall. How is such a thing possible? Life is always out there, it doest require our belief to exist, nor our permission. And this is proof that there is an intelligent alien species on Mars and it was inspecting the NASA Mars rover up close. I would bet money that NASA has other photos of this aliens whole body standing nearby. But they would never release those of course. This photo, just happened to slip past them. Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Ancient Alien Hand And Centipede On Mars! Photos, UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: June 28, 2021
Location of discovery: Mars, Perseverance 124

When searching through a Mars photo of Perseverance, I noticed some very important scientific artifacts that NASA clearly missed. The most significant of them was a gloved hand laying on the surface with its palm side up and hand open. The other thing I found was a centipede-like creature on top of a rock. This animal had an very big bump on is head that may have been a horn. Its color is a dark red...very similar in shape, size color to that of a centipede. This is 100% proof that life exists on Mars. It may not be intelligent life, but nevertheless its an animal form of life. I also found a few other anomalies that point out that life once existed on Mars. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Life Recorded On Mars! Moving Rock, 1 meter tall! Alien Animal Found, UFO Sighting News.


Hey everyone. I made a post about this 6 years ago, but I wanted to make an updated post so I made this video to go along with it. Did you notice the other two smaller black animals that photo number 4? I made the video and didn't notice it till I was finished. They might actually have a black exoskeleton and be crab like creatures. Here on earth, crabs exist in the sea, lakes, rivers, mountains, forests and jungles. They are very strong. 

Another possibility is growing rocks. Rocks that are living creatures, but not like we know them to be. I remember many years ago (4-6) William astronaut now living in Rwanda spoke about his experience during his Apollo 20 mission. He said he saw yellow living rocks on the abandoned cigar shaped UFO in Deporte crater on the moon. He said they grew in size and a useful liquid chemical came out of them. NASA urls below. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan