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Noahs Ark Found On Mars Near NASA Rover, Dec 2018, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Dec 20, 2018
Location of discovery: Mars surface, SOL 631
Source photo:

What I just found has a strange similarity to the Noahs Ark we have all heard about in the biblical stories. The structure has all the signs of being a floating object that once sailed the oceans of Mars. The raised upper top and the pointed bow and even the raised edges so now one will fall off the deck. 

This is not the first time I ever found such signs of an ancient ocean. I also found several other boats and even a few fossilised fish and sea shells. I honestly don't think NASA would argue about Mars once having an ocean...I think they actually mentioned that it did from what I read. However, they never talk about the signs of ancient life that may still exist due to the existence of that ocean. 
Scott C. Waring


Noah's Ark Or Inca Temple Found In Lake Titicaca, By UFO Researcher April 2014, Sighting News.

Source 1:'s_Ark
Google Coordinates: 16°15'10.53"S 68°35'0.78"W
Date of discovery: April 13, 2014

Updated on May 2, 2014: I changed coordinates, because old ones took you .7 mile inland from object. New coordinates above now take you directly to the object. SCW

While I was searching for UFOs on Google Earth, I decided to have a look at Lake Titicaca where I found a structure under the water. This long object is 290 meters across (953 feet) according to google ruler. At its widest it is 51 meters or 168 feet, but at its thinest side its only 31 meters wide or 103 feet. The object is also 200 meters from land. 

Many cigar UFOs have had this shape and size, but when I did a little digging I found that an ancient temple had been found in Lake Titicaca back in 2000 and it was 660 feet long and 160 feet wide. At first I thought this was the same structure, but measurements indicated that the one I found is over 35% longer and its 32 miles away from the capital city of Bolivia, La Paz, which is different from the 2000 discovery which is 90 miles from the capital. So what I found is an all new discovery. So the hypothesis of this being an ancient Inca temple exists. 

The fact that many UFO sightings have been recorded over Lake Titicaca is also something that must be considered. Another UFO was discovered under water in the Baltic Sea back in 2011, which caused electrical interference that disabled radar and underwater video recording, not to mention the murky waters blocking its view. I believe that it is possible that this could be a UFO that had crashed in the lake thousands of years ago. 

Something that seems even more likely is that this may be Noah's Ark. What I mean is the measurements are about 50% bigger than Wikipedia state (953 ft long vs 450 ft long). Wiki said the ark was 300 cubits or 450 ft long by 50 cubics wide which is 75 feet. 75 ft is just 28 ft shorter than one side of this objects in Lake Titicaca. 

The measurements are close, but what really hits me is the ancient Inca lore. Inca lore says, “after a great flood, the god Viracocha arose from Lake Titicaca to create a new world.” He arose after a great flood...which sounds like what happened to Noah. Incan lore goes on to say, “He commanded the sun, moon, and stars to rise, then went to Tiahuanaco to create the first human beings, Mallku Kupac and Mama Ocllo. These first human, the “Inca Adam and Eve,” were formed from stone and brought to life by Viracocha, who commanded them to go out and populate the world. Thus Lake Titicaca is the birth place of the Incas.”  Now that sounds just like Noah landed in Lake Titicaca and ancient Incas were direct descendants of Noah. Have we finally found Noah's Ark? SCW