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Is Asteroid 1998 QE2 Actually A Space Station That Is Traveling Very Close To Earth? June 2, 2013.

There is a lot of talk about this asteroid being something more than what NASA wants us to believe. Since NASA was created as a front to hide alien info from the public, that is very possible. But what is it if its not an asteroid? Some are speculating that its an alien vessel of some sort traveling in our direction. Perhaps the legendary Nibiru. Probably not Nibiru, its suppose to be bigger than earth so just a traveling ship of some sort. What we need is closer photos, the kind that come from satellites or massive telescopes to see its surface. Also it would help if radio telescopes could send messages of greetings to see if by some chance they get an answer. I heard the communication that the USAF had long ago with aliens was made using microwave communication, which they used to acquire 8 alien craft which reside inside area S4 (also inside Area 51). SCW

Person in video states: 
Recently released radar imagery of 1998 QE2 show an object near the Asteroid, NASA says it's a moon and you already know I'm about to go against the grain on this one and I'm saying that's no moon it's a space station In my past Video 1998 QE2 Whos your daddy and where is he, I stated NASA Was hiding something and in a much earlier video I reported on NASA wanting to laso an asteroid and us it as a space station or build a station on or in orbit of an asteroid, did they already do it and busted themselves or is this an alien object