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Triangle UFO Over Bolivia During Thunder Storm, Looks like a TR-3B, Video Jan 17, 2012 News.

Date of sighting: January 17, 2012
Location of sighting: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

In this video we see an unusual closeup view of a triangle UFO that looks to be flying just 30-50 meters from the ground. The details of the UFO are great. Seen at 1:34-1:37 into the video. It's corners are rounded and it has four large white glowing lights (probably propulsion systems) one in the center and one on each corner. Some call this the TR-3B or code name Astra in the USAF, however this is alien technology in USAF hands so this may not be USAF but aliens. I will put a video below of a similar craft that was sent to me here at UFO Daily Sightings a few years back from a viewer in Paris using night vision near a USAF base. SCW

(Translated from Spanish) Eyewitness states: "There was a great storm in January 17, 2012 in San Ignacio de Belasco…"Santa Cruz Bolivia." All the people panicked, but there was something ever more scary caught by accident  but you have to look carefully…its amazing."


UFO Sighting Over Paris, France or TR-3B Aurora (Astra) Project in Night Vision 2009