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TR-3B or UFO Being Transported On Trailer With Police Escort and Black SUV, Photos April 2012.

In the photo above in bottom left corner is their web site URL on trailer.
Date of sighting: April 5, 2012
Location of sighting: Dayton, Ohio, USA
Source: MUFON report #37140

Eyewitness states: "Riding east on I-70 just outside of Dayton, Ohio there was a tractor trailer with an unusual load on the trailer covered with a tarp surrounded by police vehicles as a trucker you don't see four police cars escorting a truck that much with two pilot cars also I saw a black SUB in the traffic (not saying it was with them, didn't get a look at its tags. Took pictures and figured that I would share them."

I looked at these photos and quickly found the web address and company name on the truck trailer. I looked up the website and saw that this company does a lot of transporting for the US military. The very first thing I saw was a photo on the site of two large military vehicles being transported on two different trailers. Clearly this indicates the government has contracts with them. If the military was testing a new alien-tech craft like the TR-3B then in Dayton there is Wright Patterson Airforce Base, where we reported a UFO Sighting or possible US drone sighting on April 2 with video…click here to view. I don't believe this craft under the tarp is from an alien crash but being transferred to a more secretive location due to the fact that this may not be a fully finished craft yet. If you want to visit the site who transported the UFO-like craft, they are at This could be part of  Project Aurora. SCW


Triangle UFO Caught Flying Over Oregon April 2012 Video News.

Date of sighting: April 2012
Location of sighting: Oregon

When you watch this video, at 40 seconds into the video the back lights move closer to the front ones. This is very odd and I cannot figure this one out. A great capture. SCW

Eyewitness states: "A great flyover & incredible close-up of a triangle UFO. The object moves silently left to right almost overhead as it passes by. There are similar characteristics as in some of the other flyovers. The central blinking light pulsates and also turns pink at one point. The object appeared from behind some scattered clouds and then I start filming. It was also following a similar flightpath. Sorry that the Sony HI8-cam is on its last leg and there are some high pitch tones associated as a result also a few dropped frames during edit."


Triangle UFO Over Bolivia During Thunder Storm, Looks like a TR-3B, Video Jan 17, 2012 News.

Date of sighting: January 17, 2012
Location of sighting: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

In this video we see an unusual closeup view of a triangle UFO that looks to be flying just 30-50 meters from the ground. The details of the UFO are great. Seen at 1:34-1:37 into the video. It's corners are rounded and it has four large white glowing lights (probably propulsion systems) one in the center and one on each corner. Some call this the TR-3B or code name Astra in the USAF, however this is alien technology in USAF hands so this may not be USAF but aliens. I will put a video below of a similar craft that was sent to me here at UFO Daily Sightings a few years back from a viewer in Paris using night vision near a USAF base. SCW

(Translated from Spanish) Eyewitness states: "There was a great storm in January 17, 2012 in San Ignacio de Belasco…"Santa Cruz Bolivia." All the people panicked, but there was something ever more scary caught by accident  but you have to look carefully…its amazing."


UFO Sighting Over Paris, France or TR-3B Aurora (Astra) Project in Night Vision 2009



UFO Sighting over Tucson, Arizona of craft resembling the TR-3B in night sky, July 21, 2011 video.

UFO Sighting over Tucson, Arizona of craft resembling the TR-3B in night sky, July 21, 2011 video.

Date of sighting: July 21, 2011
Location of sighting: Tucson, Arizona, USA

Sheilaaliens has done it again. She has recorded another video from in front of her home in Tucson. These glowing orbs may be alien or they may be the USAF experimenting with the TR-3B craft which is a triangular UFO powered craft capable of traveling at light speeds. You decide. It is amazing that she makes so many videos from her home. You think her neighbors would have reported similar sightings.

The tactical reconnaissance TR-3B's (code-named Astra) first operational flight was in the early 90s. The triangular shaped nuclear powered aerospace platform was developed under the Top Secret, Aurora Program with SDI and black budget money. At least 3 of the billion dollar plus TR-3Bs were flying by 1994. The Aurora is the most classified aerospace development program in existence.

☯ Scott C. Waring wrote “UFO Sightings of 2006-2009” and "Dragons of Asgard." ☯