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UFO Armada Passes Over Small Town In Mexico On Live Cam, July 27, 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 27, 2016
Location of sighting: Tequisquiapan, Mexico
Source cam:
Source photo:

We have heard about the fleet of UFOs frequently seen passing over the cities of Mexico a few years ago. It seems that it has never stopped. Here I see a fleet of black UFOs moving past a church and continuing to hover slowly away. Each photos is 2 minutes apart and I got 19 photos from the cam. That means this sightings started at 07:16:03 in the morning and it ended at 7:54:03. Thats a UFO fleet taking 38 minutes to pass over the city, but since it happened so early in the morning, few if any people probably saw it. 

I put the photos together and made a gif of it to make it easier to see below. The objects are round, dark and slow. They have no wings at all, and trade exceptionally slow at times, which rules out birds. Even with a bright sunrise on the other side of them, no light travels through them...this is evidence that they are not transparent...they have a hard solid surface that is not thin...which rules out balloons. 

This is one of the legendary UFO fleets over Mexico. 
Scott C. Waring