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Russian Major Records UFO Over Penza, Russia On May 20, 2012. Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 20, 2012
Location of sighting: Penza, Russia

Retired Defense Major Yuriy Pashanin filmed a UFO in the sky over Penza, Russia May 2012. He first seen the object at a test site in Kazakhstan, where he served in the defense department in 2000 in Penza, then again in may 2012, when he was able to film it. "At 20:55 my wife pointed out that the object appeared over the woods. I immediately went for my camera and started shooting. In ten-twenty seconds the object sped rapidly away towards the horizon "- said Yuri Pashanin. Penzenets claimed that this is not a bag that has been raised into the air by the wind, or a radio model, it was under intelligent control, I know what a UFO looks like he said, I have seen many during my time in the military." The object was large and was three-dimensional, it also had flickering lights, and I am in no doubt it was a craft of some kind.