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UFOs Near Sun Recorded In SOHO NASA Images, Aug 11, 2018, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Aug 11, 2018
Location of sighting: Earths sun
Source: NASA/SOHO images

Here is an extraordinary video of UFOs near our sun. A triangle UFO and several others that are mind boggling. 

Long ago about in 2005, Russian scientists reported hundreds of moon size UFOs moving at impossible speed around our sun, making hard right turns and sudden direction changes. That evidence has been purged from the Internet, but I still remember it, and so do many others. Since then, I and other have been reporting UFOs...hundreds of which still visit our sun daily, but NASA will never report this so that they will not cause a panic. 

This is a great video by a UFO researcher I have known over the years and well respect...UFOnearsun-Myunhauzen74 of Youtube. 
Scott C. Waring

Alien Entity Recorded Over Island In Australia On Aug 12, 2018, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 12, 2018
Location of sighting: Russell Island, Australia
Source: MUFON #94063

This is fantastic and very, very rare. A light being. Yes I said it right. How do I know...I and my family once witnessed a dozen of them circling above us a few years ago at midnight here in Taiwan. 

Light beings are very intelligent, and curious creatures. They cannot be recorded on video so well and are extremely hard to get on photos...which I too have tried. They are 90% transparent and change shape...they are long looking when they are flying...bigger in the front and smaller at the tail area. No head, no arms are visible, but if you happen to look up and see them...a few might turn around, come back over you and circle you...maybe out of curiosity that you saw them, or maybe they can read your thoughts and are trying to see themselves how you see them. Either way, this is an incredible photo. It came with two videos, however the alien entity was not visible...which is the same as the video I took when I saw them. If I myself had not witnessed such and event with my own family as witness...I might not believe it either. Your day will come. You will see...if you look up from your phone at the night sky. 

Want to see my video of my experience...its so-so, because they are light beings, hard to record on video. I will include my video below.
Scott C. Waring- Taiwan

Eyewitness states: 
Glowing object obscured by smoke/ clouds? Much larger than brightest largest stars but smaller than moon which was only fingernail waxing crecent and not visible at that time.

Below is my video, please jump to 1:38 to see light entity. 


Three Photos of one jellyfish UFO During Apollo 10 mission! Aug 2018, UFO Sighting News. NASA Source!

Date of discovery: Aug 8, 2018
Location of discovery: Earths moon, near dark side.
NASA photo 1:
NASA photo 2:
NASA photo 3:

I found these photos of a jellyfish UFO in the NASA Apollo 10 index. The UFO actually changes shape as it rotates and moves. The UFO is in the center of the photograph, so its very obvious that the astronaut that took the photo did see the UFO. Now I am asking myself three questions about this: 
1. Is it a UFO that transports aliens?
2. Is it a non intelligent a jellyfish in space?
3. Is it intelligent enough to be communicated with?

So many questions all because of one discovery...the more we know, the more we want to know. 
Scott C. Waring

MindBlowing Photo of alien on Apollo 10 mission! NASA Link, Aug 2018, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Aug 8, 2018
Location of discovery: Lunar Module, 1969, Apollo 10 mission.
Source photo:

 Imagine an alien taking part in the lunar mission Apollo 10...working with NASA to achieve a giant step forward for humanity. This just may be true. This NASA photo of an astronaut with one tinted eye shows that aliens may have taken part. The eye is large and dark, and he is looking toward the camera. The photos before and after do not show his eyes to be this way, so he must have blinked due to the flash of the camera bulb. Some alien species have built in sunglasses that are there to protect their eyes...much like the grey. They can raise it to make in invisible, just like you opening and closing your eye lids. Well the camera flash revealed who he really alien. 
Scott C. Waring

Long Arm like UFO Recorded In Two Photos During Apollo 10 Mission, Aug 2018, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Aug 8, 2018
Location of discovery: Near Earths Moon
NASA Photo 1:
NASA Photo 2:
NASA Photo 3:

I found this large arm UFO in an Apollo 10 photo index today. The UFO is similar to the one described by an astronaut long ago...which he said looked like a long tubular object. This shows the UFO changing positions slightly, enough to give us a different perspective on it. you know, back in 1969 during the Apollo 10 missions...NASA already knew about the existence of aliens and UFOs...but they didn't want to tell you...the public...about it. Thats a crime...a crime against humanity...for hiding the most important scientific discovery in human history!
Scott C. Waring

Amazing Tower and base found on Moon in Apollo 10 NASA photos! UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Aug 8, 2018
Location of discovery: Earths moon, Apollo 10
Source photo:

I found this base on the Earths moon today. The base is clearly made by intelligent life because it has a perfectly flat bottom area which is impossible for something thats almost -5 miles across. However it could actually be a alien ship hovering above the surface. That would explain it. Also there is a tower near it that is about .3-.5 miles high. Absolute proof that aliens exist, so powerful of proof, we could take NASA to court and use this to force them to tell the truth about the existence of aliens. 
Scott C. Waring


Three Meter Alien Seen In Portugal Wasteland, Aug 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of event: August 2016
Location of event: Portugal

The three meter tall alien creature was seen walking through the Portugal wasteland for a few minutes, but as it passed behind a very tall bush, it seemed to just disappear. 

Aliens often are so advanced that they can read our minds from a long ways away. It knew it was spotted and it tried to go to a fast location not to hide, but to beam out of there. There is also the possibility that his base is 4-5 km below the ground and his people created a elevator of described and seen in the W56 Friendship case at Rocca Pia, Italy. A person stands still and the ground lowers and the above is replace to normal. To us...its impossible, to them...its scientific innovation. Clearly the evidence shows that an alien base is in this location...which if found, could be contacted and greeted. 
Scott C. Waring 


Bigfoot Caught On Video In Mint Creek, Idaho On May 30, 2012, Paranormal News.

Date of sighting: May 30, 2012
Location of sighting: Mint Creek, Idaho, USA

Here we have a video taken by some kids and in the background we see what looks like a tall standing hairy Bigfoot or Sasquatch as the indians call him. This is a creature that I believe can cloak itself and normally is invisible. This is one of the 56 space faring species that Bob Lazar read about while working in Area S4 inside Area 51. Bigfoot is an alien species. 

News States: 
The student, unnamed, who captured the video spoke to an ABC affiliate and said "It just didn't look human-like. I don't know what that is, it's not a bear, it's not a moose or anything. It was big and bulky and black".
The students climbed to where they saw the potential Sasquatch and photographed the large footprints it left in the dirt.
"I'm not going to say yes it was a Bigfoot or no it wasn't, because I don't know., and nobody knows," the student told the news station.
 ISU professor and Sasquatch expert, Jeff Meldrum, has examined the photos and the short video captured by the students. Retired ISU professor and anatomist Trent Stephens was in Meldrum’s office when the film was being examined Wednesday.
The two professors have co-authored two books.
    “I was just dumb-founded,” Stephens said. “That arm swaying is exactly like the Patterson film.”
    Stephens was referring to the famous film clip of a purported Bigfoot captured by Roger Patterson in 1967 on the Klamath River in California. Over the years the film has been reviewed and analyzed in attempts both to debunk or authenticate it.