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Face of Alien Appears On Tree Stump Over Grave In Belfast City Cemetery.

Date of discovery: August 2012
Location of discovery: Western Belfast, Northern Ireland

I know this is older, but its new to me and probably a lot of others. This face that many are claiming to be Jesus happened when gardeners decided to cut down a tree that was growing to close to a grave stone. The face soon appeared afterward. is my belief that Jesus was an alien who wanted to instil a chaotic humanity with some higher morals. It worked...but not enough. It is a mind blowing occurrence upon that tree stump. Is it big J himself or was the very essence of the soul of the person buried below that tree sucked into a new life form...the tree? Buddhists believe that there are many lifetimes ahead and behind this one. Perhaps that tree was his next lifetime.  A shame it was cut down, but the evidence it gives us is very interesting. SCW


Eight orbs at night in cemetery photo at Reno, Nevada on April 22, UFO Sighting & Paranormal News.

Date of sighting: April 22, 2011
Location of sighting: Hillside Cemetery, Reno, Nevada, USA

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"On the evening of 4-22-11 at 9:17 pm, myself and two others were at Hillside Cemetery in Reno Nevada taking pictures trying capture ghost orbs during a ghost hunt. In the picture provided, it struck me that ghost orbs can have striking similarities with UFO shapes."

"I noticed how the orbs seems to be aligned in a flying formation and had holes in the middle of them, much like the UFO video that NASA took of UFO's floating in orbit around the copper electrodynamic tether that was released from the shuttle after the experiment years ago. I was wondering if these ghost orbs have any connection with UFO's? Instead of photographing ghost orbs, are we actually seeing UFO's capture by our camera? I was wondering if anyone else out there has seen anything like this, or thinks there is a connection to these two phenomena? Please study the photo provided and see what you think."
Yes orbs are UFOs or probes from them.

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