Face of Alien Appears On Tree Stump Over Grave In Belfast City Cemetery.

Date of discovery: August 2012
Location of discovery: Western Belfast, Northern Ireland

I know this is older, but its new to me and probably a lot of others. This face that many are claiming to be Jesus happened when gardeners decided to cut down a tree that was growing to close to a grave stone. The face soon appeared afterward. Oh...it is my belief that Jesus was an alien who wanted to instil a chaotic humanity with some higher morals. It worked...but not enough. It is a mind blowing occurrence upon that tree stump. Is it big J himself or was the very essence of the soul of the person buried below that tree sucked into a new life form...the tree? Buddhists believe that there are many lifetimes ahead and behind this one. Perhaps that tree was his next lifetime.  A shame it was cut down, but the evidence it gives us is very interesting. SCW

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