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Ancient Sphinx Found On Mars Is 30 Meters Across, 100% Proof Of Intelligent Alien Species, Feb 2019, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Feb 25, 2019
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo:

I found an ancient sphinx on Mars in a gigapan photo today. Its so different and unlike what our human culture would make that I believe most people would actually deny this being real. Its a hard thing to accept that art could be anything other than what we want it to be. However even on earth, the art world is a little crazy and strange, leaving many onlookers wondering if its really art or something pulled off the ground and hung on the wall? Thats what we have here. An ancient monument created by a culture that never had our art schools, our books our TV shows or our Internet. This is truly a great example of how different alien cultures are to our own. I wonder, are humans really ready to mingle with a species so different?

This sphinx is about 30-35 meters across and 8-9 meters high. It has a back area I colored yellow, a horned helm area I colored green, and a facial area I colored pink. You can easily make out the eye, huge thick long nose, open mouth, strong chin and cheeks. Yes, it seems primitive in design, and yet it appears to stand the test of time...still standing after hundreds of thousands of years. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan


This Day In UFO History: June 24, 1947 Kenneth Arnold Spots 9 UFO At Mt. Rainier, Washington, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 24, 1947
Location of sighting: Near Mt. Rainier, Washington, United States

Type of Case/Report: MajorCase 
Hynek Classification: DD 
Special Features/Characteristics: Pilot/Aircrew, Witness Sketch, Witness Photo, Multiple UFOs 

Source: Loy Lawhon,
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Funny how your life can get turned upside down just because you see something. Kenneth Arnold's story is the story of a pretty straight guy. He was an Eagle Scout when he was a teen-ager. He worked for the Red Cross. He was an All-State football player in high school, with hopes of being a college star until a knee injury cut his football career short.

After college, Arnold became a salesman and learned to fly, combining the two by flying from small town to small town selling fire control equipment, eventually owning the Great Western Fire Control Supply Company. He was a member of the Sheriff's "aerial posse"of Ada County, Idaho, he was a relief U.S. Marshall, and he sometimes flew prisoners to the Federal Penitentiary. Flying his light plane, a Callair, was the basis of his livelihood.

In other words, he was the perfect UFO witness: a solid citizen, honest and trustworthy, married, with two daughters.

On June 24, 1947, he was returning home from a business trip when he made a detour into the Yakima, Washington area to help in an aerial search for a missing C-46 marine transport plane that was believed to have gone down in the area.

At around 3:00 in the afternoon, he was flying at about 9,000 feet, near Mount Rainier, when a flash of light caught his eye. He turned and saw a procession of nine very strange objects flying from north to south in front of his plane. They were flat and rather heel-shaped, very shiny, and they moved erratically, like a "saucer would if you skipped it across water." You can see Arnold's drawing of what he saw here. Arnold estimated their size at about two-thirds that of a DC-4, and he calculated their speed at over 1500 mph by timing their travel between two mountain peaks of known distance.

When he arrived at Yakima, Washington, Arnold told several other pilots about his sighting. The consensus among them was that it was some type of military "secret weapon". However, Arnold would later find that the U.S. military was as mystified by the objects as he himself was.

In Pendleton, Oregon, Arnold went to make a report to the FBI, but the local office was closed, so he talked to the editor of the East Oregonian newspaper instead and it was the editor who put the story on the newswires. Because of Arnold's background and reliability as a witness, the story got wide circulation. Here's Arnold's report in his own words.

What did Arnold see? Skeptics said everything from clouds to blowing snow on the mountain, to droplets of water on his airplane window. Here Martin Kottmeter shoots down some of the early theories of what Arnold saw. More recent explanations include Phil Klass' meteorite fragments and James Easton's white pelicans.

The June sighting and the resulting hoopla were not the end of Arnold's association with UFOs. On July 5th, 1947, Arnold was introduced to Captain E. J. Smith, who, along with his co-pilot and a stewardess, had seen a formation of UFOs over Emmett, Idaho. They hit it off well and became good friends.

In the middle of July, Arnold received a letter from Raymond Palmer, editor of the pulp magazine Amazing Stories. Arnold didn't know who Palmer was, since he didn't read the pulps. Palmer wanted Arnold to write down his experiences for publication in the magazine and he offered to pay. Arnold didn't particularly care about the money and sent Palmer a copy of what he had already told the newspapers and the Army Air Corps.

Later in July, a couple of Army Air Force intelligence officers named Lt. Frank M. Brown and Capt. William Davidson had a friendly meeting with Arnold. He gave them an account of his sighting and they asked him to report any further incidents to them. Lt. Brown filed a report giving his impression of Arnold's story. 


How we regard UFO sightings is often framed from our cultural and societal experience.

People generally try to explain something in terms that they can understand. The way we see things is often framed from our cultural and societal experience. Thus, we have a phenomonon in which many Christians try to explain UFOs in terms of their Biblical understanding.

Recently one of the founders of the 'Satanic UFO' hypothesis has passed in Britain. Father Paul or the Reverend Paul Inglesby was 94 years old.

...In fact, as he described in his book UFOs and the Christian (1978), Inglesby came to believe that, far from being piloted by aliens, UFOs were of satanic origin.

He initially developed this view while ill in pre-war Malta, after undergoing a spiritual experience in which he had visions of a future war against demonic forces controlling spaceships and nuclear weapons....Such was his conviction that, during the 1960s, he corresponded with Admiral of the Fleet Earl Mountbatten and Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding, both of whom had publicly declared their belief in UFOs, seeking to convince them of his hypothesis...

.....Nevertheless, Inglesby wrote to the Archbishop of Canterbury, warning that the Queen should not attend the premiere of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) at Leicester Square, as, he claimed, the film had a satanic theme involving mind-control...(source:

Although Father Paul is gone his idea will live on. True believers everywhere have struggled to explain a world that is round and ancient dinosaurs. They demonize what they don't understand.

It used to be that the true believers along with most of the public denied the UFO reality. Now even the most closed minded fundamentalist Bible believing Christians admit that there are UFOs that are likely of non-human origin.

The Vatican has taken the opposite approach to the 'Satanic UFO' hypothesis. They say that the Aliens are just part of God's wondrous creation and are our brothers.

Vatican Official: OK to Believe in Aliens and God

Why the Increase in UFO Alien Scare Mongering?

Billionaire Space Pioneer Robert Bigelow Warns of Dangers of UFOs

Some, however, see ET as a danger to National Security and demand that the world unite to fight the Alien threat. They see the UFO phenomonon in terms of the war culture that they were raised on.

It is likely that Aliens are merely studying humanity and the earth and extracting items of interest. It is likely that there is more than one type of ET visiting earth. They all have some different motives and agendas.

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It is certain, though, that the Aliens could do a great deal of damage to the world and to humanity if they had invasion on their minds. It appears that are 'Alien brothers' are not exactly like humans, or humanity would have been enslaved by them years ago.

However, reports are from a variety of abductee experiences that the Aliens are warning of a catostrophic future for humanity. According to abductee reports, ETs see humanity as killing themselves and much of the planet from environmental disasters.

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From this perspective, the Aliens don't sound so demonic. Rather they have given us warnings, taken samples, engaged in cross breading, and are waiting.

What are they waiting for?

They are likely waiting for humans to destroy themselves so that the Aliens can bring the world a new humanoid type that is genetically altered to be, perhaps, an improved version of the old, hostile, nearly insane human stock.

So ETs are not Satanic. Indeed, it is more true to say that humanity is being destroyed by the Satanic greed and corruption of its Corporate and Financial ruling class.

--Please check out my books at, Dragons of Asgard & UFO Sightings of 2006-2009, by Scott C. Waring or at YouTube and search "TaiwanSCW" to see my personal UFO dicovery videos.