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Giant Black Triangle UFO In NASA Shuttle Columbia Photo.

Date of sighting: January 12, 1986 (reported this week).
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit, on Space Shuttle Columbia
Mission: 24th, STS-61-C
Above photo (gif) taken from Shuttle window. The shuttle has Ten. Six on the front of the flight deck, two on the roof of the flight deck, and two on the rear of the flight deck to watch payload bay operations.

Someone this week discovered these cool NASA photos at an official NASA site that has two extraordinary photos of a black triangle UFO in orbit around Earth. At first it looks like something stuck to the window, but that would be wrong. When you compare the first and second photos, you see that the triangle UFO has turned in its position facing a new direction. Also in the second photo the UFO is 2X closer than in the first. Another thing is that the UFO moves closer to the edge of the Earth compared to the first photo where its slightly farther away. From the clouds which change position we can determine that the photos were taken less than minute of one another. Time stamp on #1 photo says 13:59:25 (Hours, Min, Sec) and photo #2 was taken at 13:59:42 so we now know there was 17 seconds in between the photos. This info tells us that it moves very fast towards the Shuttle Columbia which probably panicked the astronauts. 

To take the photo they used a famous hand held camera called the Hasselblade with only a 100mm lens on it. That lens for your info is a really low end lens that usually comes with the camera. The gif image (above) you see the astronaut using the camera and his lens changes to a massive zoom that looks to be 700-1000mm so we know he tried to get a closer view of the UFO, but did NASA share the close up photos with the public...hell no!  They also used Kodak film with a natural exposure.

Also NASA states in the images that there is SPACE DEBRIS (they say in caps) in the photo, so they did see the UFO! Of course Debris is the new NASA term for "weather balloon." They use those words as code to label UFOs.  But overall this tells us 100% that the triangle was not a mistake in photography as most skeptics like to believe, because it makes them feel safe and secure in their tiny way of thinking. 

PS: Most UFO sites are saying these photos were taken from the ISS (International Space Station) and that would be impossible since these photos were taken in 1986 and the ISS had it's first component launched in 1998. 

NASA Source: