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Hotel guests 'see so many UFOs on the beach' staff keep log of sightings, June 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 2015
Location of sighting: Coastal Highway, Florida, USA
News Source:

UFOs over the ocean are very common. Its easier to hide a base underwater than underground. Also when they come out of the water, most people don't notice them, and think its either a boat or a cloud. With 75% of the Earth covered in water, I really believe we are also missing 75% of all the UFOs buzzing around. SCW

News states:
Debbie Whaley, manager of Ocean Sands Beach Inn Coastal Highway, Florida, USA, is not convinced aliens are responsible but believes "something" is checking the area out.

In the latest incident lights were reported to her by a couple who stayed at the hotel who said they "moved in a controlled manner" last week over Vilano Beach, which her accommodation is by.

Another guest who reported a sighting to her sent video footage to local news channel First Coast News.
They told of a single light moving in the sky that "appeared to move in a controlled manner" which they felt "ruled out Chinese lanterns".
Ms Whaley said: "This is not the first time guests have reported watching UFOs."

She said the latest encounter left the couple frightened.
She said: "They had seen lights hovering overhead and flew over them at one time. They were pretty frightened.”

She said she has taken down a number of other sightings relayed to her by locals and guests in the area.

She said of one other one last December: "Some people called and said they saw some of the same type of situation, lights coming in. One acts like it is distressed. One is going up and down, another comes in and out, hovers for a while and then darts off.”

She suspects the objects may be connected with military bases in nearby Mayport and Kings Bay in Georgia, though, or possibley even NASA.

Whatever it is, she feels it is investigating the area, adding: "There’s something out there besides the shrimp boats.”