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Kurt Russell Gets Memory Wiped After Witnessing 6 UFOs, A Pattern Seen In Eyewitnesses. UFO Sighting News.

Date of event: March 13, 1997
Location of sighting: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

In this interview Kurt Russell, the famous American actor recalls his UFO sightings while being a pilot. The strange thing left his mind afterwards. Meaning, he never talked about it for years afterwords. Why? Such an amazing and rare event and it never says a word about it, not to the other eyewitness (his son) and not even to his wife. His spouse, actress Goldie Hawn had to find out when watching a TV show. 

Now Kurt Russell and his son were flying to Phoenix when they were eyewitnesses to 6 glowing lights in the sky heading their direction. He called it in, but the radio tower said there were no aircraft in his area. 

I believe that Kurt Russell had his memory wiped by the sighting itself. That maybe the UFOs got closer than he remembers and they recorded his thoughts and then blanketed his memories of the UFO sighting...hiding them in essence from himself. Until a memory brought them back to the surface of his conscious. 

I myself was in the USAF at Ellsworth AFB and worked on B1 bombers at the time, when I was eyewitness to 25 UFOs the size of 747s...each being a glowing florescent ball that appeared in one of four cloud tunnels that started directly above my apartments parking lot (off base in Rapid City, 15 miles from base). When I walked out of my apartment to go to work in uniform...I noticed that there were about 20 others standing in the parking lot looking staring straight one talking, no one saying anything. I thought it was a joke, I looked up and saw the a single UFO orb appear at the end of this cloud tunnel above us...then it moved every slowly down the tunnel, beginning to make a rumble a a luggage cart being pulled over a cobble stone walkway. The UFO sped up as it got further down the tunnel until it was going 10-20X the speed of a jet and then was gone over the horizon...then another started above our heads. 

What I'm saying is...I (Scott C. Waring) never talked to the other eyewitness there. I never told anyone about the UFO sighting for almost ten years. It was almost like...the UFOs had manipulated my memory of the event...not allowing me to talk or even recall it for years. I believe this is what happened to actor Kurt Russell. The UFOs have incredible technology and can manipulate a humans emotions, feelings, and thoughts into whatever they want. Yes, mind control. I said it. Aliens can control anyone on earth if they so wish. And they can use mind control on large groups. I even asked myself why I didn't speak of it ever...and I had no explanation...and I'm a UFO researcher, but the whole city of Rapid, SD saw it that day, and no-one said a word about it. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

This interview Below with the BBC, Kurt is confused at why he didn't recall the UFO sighting of 6 unidentified craft when he was a pilot...forgotten for years! Memory wiped clean. 

Below Kurt Russell Again States He Is Baffled By Why He didn't Remember The UFO Event Until years Later. 


NASA Claims The Mars Rover Has Amnesia...forgetting all the days data, Jan 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Well needless to say, NASA is at it again. They announced that the Mars rover is forgetting its daily data and cannot share it with the public because of that. Hmmm...very convenient NASA, since the rover just entered into an area with a lot of ancient alien archeological site. The Curiosity rover cost over 2.5 billion dollars to make and it has a glitch like this? Hello, I could put a team together in a week that could build a better rover for 10% the cost. A lot of that money went into black ops missions the rover will perform that the public will not be allowed to know. Still have doubts? Have you see the rover wheels? Each of the wheels has 4-8 holes in them the size of quarters. These are metal wheels! Now the rover has only driven 40km. The temperature on Mars is 20 Celsius (70F) during noon, and -150C (-225F) at night, so we know the wheels are not melting.

 I've seen NASA do this several times in the past. They say something interesting is about to happened, like a satellite is about to travel through a gutser plume from a planet and it will test the liquid for chemical makeup. They when it did, NASA said, "Oh, sorry, we had a glitch just as it entered the plume and it didn't run the test as planned." When they actually did get the results which would send scientists around the globe into a frenzy.

The truth is NASA is performing a lot of covert missions with this rover and they are not allowing the public to know about it. That is more like the NSA than NASA. SCW

Video has mysteriously been deleted by NASA????


Cloud Face Forms over New Brunswick, Canada Aug 2, 2011 Video, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: August 2, 2011
Location of sighting: New Brunswick, Canada

I do believe that UFOs and orbs that hide in clouds often make faces of great people they once associated with hundreds, thousands even millions of years ago. You see most aliens are use telepathy to speak to one another. This same power could easily be used when remembering a face it can manipulate the cloud particles forming the object that the alien or AI probe might be thinking about. We are witnessing and they are sharing an intimate memory of long ago and far away. They don't look much different from us do they?

Think of it this way. We use 2-3% of our brain, but if we were able to utilize 90-100% then we would have the power to do things beyond your imagination. They…have more than that, since they probably evolved millions of years or more ahead of us.

Starts at 1:10 into video.

☯ Scott C. Waring wrote “UFO Sightings of 2006-2009” and "Dragons of Asgard." ☯