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ESA Confirms Comet 67P Transmits A Radio Signals. Hear it on video! Nov 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of announcement: Nov 2014
Comet name: Comet 67P
Announcement made by ESA
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This is an exciting announcement folks. The ESA has announced this week that Comet 67P has been sending radio signals. In my opinion this is not a code. It is how a species of aliens communicate to one another without speaking. A form of telepathy put into primitive radio signals. Its the only way this species can communicate to us. This is their thoughts. They don't talk. They look like the 1 meter tall greys, but with a skin that has a tint of brown. Yeah, I have heard this sound before. Listen to the video below to hear the signal...the song as they call it. A repeated message.

Because this signal was put into radio transmissions, a very primitive technology to send messages with...the signal had to have been made for humanity. Getting a copy of the full message and then translating it should be of utter importance. Is it a message of greetings? Or is it a warning of whats to come? We the people of the world need to find out. SCW

The states:
The European Space Agency (ESA) today confirmed that it was receiving a mysterious signal from Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. In a post on its live streaming website, it described the signal as a “mystery song” and uploaded a recording with the caption: “Hear our comet sing.” The confirmation follows months of rumors that the Rosetta mission was originally sent to explore a radio signal from the comet first detected 20 years ago. The November 12 landing of the Rosetta mission’s Philae probe will be live streamed to the world. The ESA’s surprise announcement hints that the significance of the landing may go well beyond the historic first of humanity landing a probe on a comet. (Read much more at source).


Man Claims UFO Could Be Cause of frequency signal strong enough to knock out power to 40 garage doors

Date of event: Dec 2011
Location of event:  Arvada, Colorado, USA

Something in Arvada produced a frequency signal strong enough to knock out power to 40 garage doors in a tiny community. The problem started two days ago in the 7000 block of Torrey Court. It encompasses a half mile radius. "It's really weird," said Gina, who lives in the area. She did not want to provide her last name. "No one knows what it is." Gina thought she was alone, until she learned of other neighbors dealing with the same problem. "I think it's amazing," Colin Cooper, another neighbor, said. "What if it's a UFO?" he said. Experts say anything with a wireless signal could affect garage doors. "Like Christmas lights, coffee makers, appliances," Gina said. The pros told Gina and other neighbors small items couldn't have caused this big of a problem. So whatever it is, it is rather large. "I wish we knew," Gina said. For now, it remains a mystery. The 40 people who live on Torrey Court have to find a way to fix their garage doors.


Comet Elenin Makes Strange RF signal is picked up by radio telescopes in California.

Strange RF signal is picked up by radio telescopes in California from Elenin.

For several days, has been analyzing radio signals picked up by the USC California Radio Telescope. The signal comes from the transit area of "Elenin" and coincides with the observation G pulse, which also are being analyzed by independent experts. The pulses are equally amazing. In various forums, experts are analyzing the signals...

If you want to know how to decode this sound and understand it, here is the link to the NSA paper that talks about the methods to decode alien signals...straight from the NSA themselves.

NSA Communications Spying on Extraterrestials: