Comet Elenin Makes Strange RF signal is picked up by radio telescopes in California.

Strange RF signal is picked up by radio telescopes in California from Elenin.

For several days, has been analyzing radio signals picked up by the USC California Radio Telescope. The signal comes from the transit area of "Elenin" and coincides with the observation G pulse, which also are being analyzed by independent experts. The pulses are equally amazing. In various forums, experts are analyzing the signals...

If you want to know how to decode this sound and understand it, here is the link to the NSA paper that talks about the methods to decode alien signals...straight from the NSA themselves.

NSA Communications Spying on Extraterrestials: http://cryptome.org/0005/nsa-aliens-spy.pdf


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  2. draw your own conclusions. that's not helpful.

    thing is the normal speed recording seemed like
    some kind of dialect but at 400% seemed more like any other day of radio noise from the solar system.

    tune in a good old school receiver covering
    from say 50 hz to 2.5 ghz you will hear many wonderful sounds. I spent years listening to it.,

    make a directional antenna and point it stuff, you start to look at some things in a different way.

    the radio frequency spectrum is interesting due to the large variations with all kinds of different materials and with the general variation of space stuff hanging around like planets, comets etc. with man made stuff and other influential forces from further field
    you going to get lots of noisy stuff.

    the other problem is when the audio is reprocessed
    edited etc, you end up with something that sounds just how you want it to sound . maybe.

    looking at the rule of life one would give it a good chance other life forms inhabit space.

    having personal experience of close encounters is of corrinseardense very much enlightened my sight.

  3. what kind of old school receiver are you using???

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  5. What's interesting in it?! We're far from stating something new.

  6. Comet hasn't broken up and it has slowed down.

  7. Strange Beautiful; with your majestic silver seas, your mysterious mountains I wish to see closer...may I land my kinky machine?


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