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Green UFO Seen Over Northern Italy On April 3, 2017, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 3, 2017
Location of sighting: Northern Italy
News source: MUFON

This UFO was caught at 9:40 pm in Norther Italy. The UFO is massive. The object is semi transparent, which means it is cloaked, but the camera was on a delay, which exposed it. A delay would be like setting the camera on a tripod and allowing the shutter to stay open for 5-30 seconds. This allows more light, more color and or vivid of a photo. 

Amazing catch and its been seen before back in 2015 in the Netherlands. Click here to view that post.  
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
I would appreciate if there is anybody who might have more information about this. I am very curious, especially after a good friend told me that she witnessed a sighting at the exact same place in 2008.


Cylinder UFO Seen On Live NASA Camera At Space Station On April 19, 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 19, 2017
Location of sighting: Earths orbit at ISS

I noticed a UFO in the distance that was coming closer and closer to the space station. The UFO was partially cloaked, which made it look transparent. In the deep blackness of spaces, blending into the environment means you will be safer from other alien species that may not be so friendly. Bob Lazar said in Area S4 (inside Area 51) that he read documents that said that the USAF knew of 56 space faring species. 
Scott C. Waring


Crop Circles Discovered In Farmers Field In England On April 18, 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: April 18, 2017
Location of discovery: Tarlton, Gloucestershire, England

This crop formation was found this week and has some marks in the field that I believe were made by a space ship landing in it to analyse the genetic make up of the crop and also we see two orb smaller ships that move with it. Have you ever seen a glowing orb in the sky, then noticed on film it looked like it has a spinning moon orbiting it ever once ever second or two? Well, these marks are from those smaller orbs. 
Scott C. Waring


Alien Artefact Found On Mars As NASA Rover Totally Ignores It !!! April 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 18, 2017
Location of sighting: Mars
Source 1 photo:
Source 2 photo:

Here is an interesting object hanging on the side of a rock formation. The object is oval with a hole in its middle, but its location of the rock is purposely put there to be visible from a long distance away. 

This object has never before been seen, but its material its made from has been seen in thousands of photos from the rovers. You see, I have posted on this site hundreds of white ceramic-like objects near the rovers. Some are in the shape of faces, and most are hidden in the crevices between huge rocks. This is unique in that its out in the open, for all to see easily. 

These are primitive and new sculptures by the tiny intelligent aliens that still exist on Mars. Some...only a little bit still exist. 
Scott C. Waring

As you see from the close up below. The rover did find white substance, which could easily be used to make these sculptures, or structures. 


The mysterious cosmic ceiling of the tomb of Senmut, April 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

There is an overwhelming about of evidence that some ancient egyptian leaders were aliens, and the tomb of Senmut and the astronomical signs are further proof. If we had to build the ancient pyramid today, it would never get built. The blocks were too big, and the seems between them were too perfectly sealed without cement, not to mention even with todays technology, this would be an almost impossible task. 
Scott C. Waring

Video states: 
In the tomb of Senmut, the architect of Queen Hatshepsut, a panel of the ceiling represents the celestial sphere, the signs of the zodiac, and the other constellations, with an inverted orientation of the southern part of the firmament (1). Senenmut supervised the quarrying, transport, and erection of twin obelisks, at the time the tallest in the world, at the entrance to the Temple of Karnak.

A characteristic feature of the Senmout ceiling is the astronomically false orientation of the South panel. The center of this panel is occupied by the Orion-Sirius group, in which Orion appears to the west of Sirius, instead of being to the East.


Giant UFO Over Cleveland, Ohio Caught On Internet Camera! April 11, 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 11, 2017
Location of sighting: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

This UFO was captured on live cam by Youtube user and UFO researcher Orlando Bosca. He caught footage of this UFO while it was moving and we can see that its huge and no aircraft are investigating it, however it must have been seen on radar just from its immense size. UFOs are often seen over water areas, because they hide below the water until they are ready to carry on with their mission. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
For your eyes only! you saw him first! 9 pm, almost two hours have passed, and the party still continues in the sky of Cleveland, with the incorporation of new actors white and sparkling! Now go to EARTHCAM-CLEVELAND and see them live!


Translucent UFO Seen From Plane Window Over New York, April 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 2, 2017
Location of sighting: New York, USA
News source: MUFON #83056

Do you remember a report where I personally was on top of my 8 floor apartment building and spotted a baseball size translucent orb rise up from the buildings edge at a speed of 5 inches a second...3 meters from me? It looked like the orb above, but then when I flipped my tripod 180 degrees to face it, it had shot 50 meters away in 2 seconds! Yes, I got it on video, but at that distance it looked white, like the photo below. I frightened it by moving fast, and its color reacted to my fast movement at grabbing the tripod behind me. What I'm saying is that this is 100% real. This is a an entity that can hear our thoughts...thats how I called it to me in the first place. (Video of my experience here)
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
While on a Delta Airlines flight from NY to Fort Lauderdale flying over the Norther Atlantic Ocean, flying at approximately 29,000 feet, several passengers and I observed a silver oval object hovering over the clouds. The object changed from solid to translucent. I took several photographs of the object with my I-phone. The object was at an altitude of approximately 40,000 feet. The object was last observed moving in an unknown direction into clouds. No other aircraft were observed at the time of the sighting. At first sight I thought the object was a plane and then a weather balloon, but then the object was observed to appear to almost disappear/invisible or become translucent in quick intervals. 

Below you can't see it, but I had my camera on a tripod facing the sky behind me...but the UFO appeared in front of me2-3 meters ahead. So I lunged at the tripod, flipping it, but that little @#$#ing UFO shot off 50 meters pissing me all to hell. 

UFO Over Home In Secluded Forest Area, Massachusetts, April 9, 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 9, 2017
Location of sighting: Leominster, Massachusetts, USA
News Source: MUFON #83068

The digital eye is more perfect and catches more detail than our flawed human eyes. Here is such an example. A UFO was hovering in a secluded wooded area over a house when it was caught. It was probably over the house to scan its residence, their mental and physical health and the technology in the home. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
While sky fishing (taking a cluster of photos less than a second apart of the same spot of the sky) I captured a silver sphere. I had seen light anomalies in this particular part of the sky and landscape in the past and decided to take a burst of 35 photos to see if I could capture anything. Upon examining the photos, 1 of them showed a small silver sphere hovering over a house/wooded area. It was tough to gauge the distance and the size of the object. There were no birds or bugs close to the camera (iPhone) at the time and no other blurs,that would suggest something was in flight,showed up in any of the other photos.



Evidence Found That Nuclear Bomb Detonated 12,000 Years Ago, Video, UFO Sighting News.

There is loads of evidence that civilisations exited on earth, long before humans. But here is some evidence that shows that an nuclear explosion occurred 12,000 years ago, and that weapons of mass destruction may just be a mistake that we are doomed to repeat. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
Hindu texts dating from thousands of years ago seem to suggest that some kind of highly advanced weapon resembling an atomic bomb was set off on the Earth some twelve thousand of years ago. The Mahabharata and the Ramayana are Sanskrit epics thought to have been written in the 8th or 9th century BC and are accounts of the Kurukshetra War and the battle between Rama and the demon Ravana respectively. COULD AN ATOMIC BOMB HAVE GONE OFF ON EARTH 12000 YEARS AGO?


Three Dark Disk UFOs Seen From Passenger Jet Over Philadelphia On April 7, 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 7, 2017
Location of sighting: Philadelphia, PA, USA
News source: MUFON #83041

Now this is odd. I can distinctly see many shadows from the clouds on the ground, however, I cannot see any shadow on the ground from the UFOs. Why? Perhaps alien technology cannot cast a excellent way to prevent people from noticing you when they are walking on the ground looking shadow appears and they never bother looking up. 

From the lack of shadows on the ground and the thinness and the darkness of these objects, I can confirm that they are alien craft. It appears to be about half a mile across. And thats still considered small compared to other alien craft from other official reports. For example, two planes confirmed sighting three yellow disks that were over the ocean near Guernsey Island back in 2007 and all the UFOs were over a mile across. (Click here to see that video).
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
We were on a Frontier Airplane coming from Philadelphia, PA and preparing to land in Charlotte, NC close to noon on 4/7/2017. Our 7 year old son was sitting by the window. He told us to look out the window because he sees a spaceship in the sky. We took 3 pictures of the object in the sky. One of the pics shows 2 objects. If you zoom in on the pics, it does look like it could be something. Our son seemed so sure that it was a spaceship.

More Proof That The Moon Landings Were Faked By NASA To Make The US Appear As World Power, Video, UFO Sighting News.

This is a very concerning video that not only accuses NASA of faking the Apollo moon landing, but has evidence that its true. Since NASAs original moon walk video has says NASA who claims it was thrown out with the trash long ago, NASA has no evidence to prove otherwise. 

In this video at 2:55 they say you can hear the word "talk" as the communication is happening between NASA and the astronauts. This is proof that this was being staged and rehearsed, yet the date is that of July 18, 19, 20 of 1969. 

The evidence is profound and even here in Taiwan, I hear teachers and students tell me that the Apollo moon missions were faked. If the majority of the world believes this to be the case, then the only think NASA and America can do to prove its real is to go back to the moon now...not ten years for now, not 100 years from now, but now...or NASA will confirm it for the world that the moon walks were all staged on a Hollywood set. 
Scott C. Waring


Black Disk Seen Over City In Mexico While Moving Slowly Over Road, March 27, 2017, Video UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 27, 2017
Location of sighting: Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico
News source:

This is a dark disk moving slowly over a busy road in Morelia, Mexico. The person recording the UFO did an outstanding job since they were also driving the car. In the video, we get to see its smooth movement and its disk edge. It moves gracefully and silently over the city. Its rare to see such a close up of a real UFO. Savour the moment guys. Its 100% real.
Scott C. Waring

News states:
Morelia, Michoacán (ón) .- In recent days was captured an unidentified flying object (UFO) in broad daylight, north of the city of Morelia. According to the user who captured the images, it was on March 27th when this strange black object was observed and circular. "Transiting through the release at the height of the Technological of Morelia appeared this UFO which due to the traffic I could not make a longer recording," explains in his video the video Carlos Arriola. The video has even been taken by a website dedicated to studying paranormal phenomena and of this type. The last word you have it yourself ...

Tiny White UFOs Seen On News Cast During Lightening Storm In Florida, April 6, 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 6, 2017
Location of sighting: Florida beach, USA
Source: MUFON #83010

White UFOs have been reported all around the world during lightening storms. They are thought to recharge from the storms...feed off of it if you will, and this makes them very excited and shoot all over and ever do loops. Once over Nortre Dame Stadium CNN recorded such an occurrence. It was the first time my site was on CNN and hundreds of these white lights were seen flying around but at incredible the speed of a arrow. Very remarkable and unbelievable if you have never before witnessed such and event. I also think that these tiny UFOs are alive...and even cause some lightening storms to happen.
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
Watching NBC Nightly News last night, Apr 6, starting at 5:30p MST. During the coverage of the storms in the southeast, film footage was showing lightning strikes over water. I noticed for just a couple of seconds an object flying really fast under the cloud cover from the right side of the screen towards the left. This morning I replayed the segment footage from their website and am including the screen shots from the seconds before, during and after the object was in sight. The object moved quite a distance in one second. I was limited to the amount of pictures I could upload. I have another screen shot of the1:15 second mark, just before the last photo. I'm hoping someone with the right equipment will enhance.


California Man Films UFO, Gets Family To Come Out And Watch (Bad Language), Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 15, 2017
Location of sighting: California, USA
Source: MUFON #82604

This is an awesome video posted by Isaac Wilee (click to subscribe to him) of Youtube. The video shows a triangle craft that may be the new evolution of the TR3B, but it certainly isn't the old one, because the TR3B has one small light (for balance hovering) on each corner (white lights) and a larger light orb at its center (propulsion). Awesome video. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
"I pulled onto my street heading home and I noticed 3 bright lights in the sky. 2 red and one white flashing very fast. I recorded it for a few seconds from my car, until the video went out of focus, then pulled into my driveway and went inside to tell people to come look. My brother in law came outside and seen it as well. I started to record again and as I did it changed its white light to red and began pulsating slowly with the other 2 lights now turned off. It then flickered its lights and changed the red pulsating light back to white, continued to pulsate, and then went back to flashing again for the remainder of the time I watched. It eventually vanished."

69 Years Ago A UFO Crashed In Aztec, Arizona In 1948, And Was Covered Up, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of crash: 1948
Location of crash: Aztec, Arizona, USA

Its important to look back at the past UFO sightings, but especially at the UFO crashes that took place in history. Here is an in depth look at this crash, and how the evidence was overwhelming. Alien bodies and craft were found, and the public of course was kept in the dark. 
Scott C. Waring

Report states:
Source: (Credit:
[go to original source]

It was the columnist Frank Scully who first alerted the world to sensational stories of recovered flying saucers and little men in his best-selling book Behind the Flying Saucers published in 1950. Scully claimed that up to that time there had been four such recoveries, one of which was alleged to have taken place around Aztec, New Mexico, when sixteen humanoid bodies were recovered together with their undamaged craft. According to Scully's informants, the disk that landed near Aztec was 99.99 feet in diameter, its exterior made of a light metal resembling aluminum but so durable that no amount of heat (up to 10,000 degrees was applied) or diamond-tipped drill had the slightest effect. The disk apparently incorporated large rings of metal which revolved around a central, stabilized cabin, using an unfamiliar gear ratio. There were no rivets, bolts, screws or signs of welding. Investigators were eventually able to gain entry. Scully was told, because of a fracture in one of the portholes, which they enlarged, revealing a knob inside the cabin which when pushed (with a pole) caused a hidden door to open. Sixteen small humanoids, ranging in height from 36 to 42 inches, were supposedly found dead inside the cabin, their bodies charred to a dark brown color. Scully was told that the craft landed undamaged, having landed under its own guidance. The craft was eventually dismantled, the investigators having discovered that it was manufactured in segments which fitted in grooves and were pinned together around the base. The complete cabin section, measuring 18 feet in diameter was lifted out of the base of the saucer, around which was a gear that fitted a gear on the cabin. These segments, together with the bodies, were then transported to Wright Field (Wright Patterson AFB). Some of the bodies were later dissected and examined by the Air Force, and were found to be similar in all respects to human beings, with the exception of their teeth, which were perfect.

New Supportive Evidence?

According to important information published by William Steinman in 1987 there is a large grain of truth in the Aztec story, and he has managed to acquire some astonishing supportive evidence. Like Scully, he is unwilling to divulge his sources, which inevitably lays him open to charges of fabrication. Steinman discovered that the Aztec disk came to earth on 25 March 1948, having been detected by three separate radar units in the southwest, one of which was said to have disrupted the craft's control mechanism. The area of impact was calculated by triangulation and this information was immediately relayed to Air Defense Command and Gen. George C. Marshall, then Secretary of State, who allegedly contacted the MJ-12 group as well as the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit (IPU) of the Army Counterintelligence Directorate. The IPU operated out of Camp Hale, Colorado, at this time, Steinman claims, and its main function was to collect and deliver disabled or crashed disks to certain specified secret locations. The craft was recovered within hours by the IPU scout team about 12 miles northeast of Aztec. General Marshall ordered Air Defense Command to go off alert status, and the radar units were advised that there had been a false alarm. Marshall then gave orders to the commander of the IPU to organize a recovery team and contacted Dr. Vannevar Bush - the. head of MJ-12 to gather together a team of scientists to accompany the IPU to the crash site. Steinman has named these scientists as follows:

Dr., Lloyd Berkner, Dr. Detlev Bronk, Dr. Carl A. Heiland, Dr. Jerome Hunsaker, Dr. John von Neumann, Dr. Robert J. Oppenheimer, Dr. Merle A. Tuve, Dr. Horace B. van Vandenberg.

Four of these scientists, it will be noted, were members of the original MJ-12 panel set up in September 1947. Dr. Carl A. Heiland was a geophysicist and magnetic sciences expert who was the head of the Colorado School of Mines, and according to Steinman leaked details of the recovery to one of Scully's sources, Leo GeBauer. Dr. Horace B. van Vandenberg was an inorganic chemist associated with the University of Colorado. Dr. Merle A. Tuve worked for the Office of Scientific Research and Development during World War II, and is chiefly remembered as a geophysicist for his techniques of radio wave propagation of the upper atmosphere. Dr. Robert J. Oppenheimer distinguished himself primarily as leader of the Los Alamos atomic bomb project , commanding the allegiance of the world's top physicists. He was the Director of the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton from 1947 and became Chairman of the General Advisory Committee of the Atomic Energy Commission. Dr. John von Neumann, the famous Hungarian born mathematician, became a consultant on the atomic bomb (Manhatten Project) in 1943. His main area of expertise lay in the design and development of computers. The scientists, according to Steinman, were told by Dr. Bush to assemble at Durango Airfield, Colorado, 35 miles to the north of Aztec, with the minimum delay. All those involved in the recovery were sworn to an above top secret oath.

The IPU convoy used a route to the site that avoided main roads, and on arrival road blocks were set up at strategic points within two miles of the recovery area. The owner of a ranch and his family were allegedly held incommunicado and told never to discuss the matter (cf. the Roswell incident). Equipment hauling trucks were camouflaged to look like oil drilling rigs during the operation.

Inside the Craft

A team of scientists arrived at the site a little later than the IPU team and began dissecting the disk. According to Steinman, they entered the craft one by one, entry having been gained via a fractured porthole as described in Scully's account. The portholes themselves looked metallic and only appeared translucent on close inspection. Inside the craft they found two humanoids, about two feet in height, slumped over an instrument panel charred deep brown. Another 12 bodies lay sprawled on the floor in chamber within the cabin, making a total of 14 bodies (not 16 as Scully had been told).

An instrument panel supposedly had several pushbuttons and levers with hieroglyphic-type symbols, as well as symbols illuminated on small display screens. Bush and von Neumann discovered that the control panel had drawers which rolled out, but no wiring could be detected. A book composed of parchment-like leaves with the texture of plastic also contained the strange hieroglyphs - similar to Sanskrit, Oppenheimer thought. This was given to General Marshall, who then passed it on to two leading cryptological experts for analysis, William F. Friedman and Lambros C. Callihamos (who both later led distinguished careers in the National Security Agency).

Dr. Bronk, a physiologist and biophysicist, examined the bodies and asked Bush to get hold of cryogenic equipment with which to preserve them. Cryogenics specialist Dr. Paul A. Scherer, a colleague of Bush's, was contacted and advised Bush to obtain some dry ice. Meanwhile, another small group of scientists and military personnel examined the craft and were eventually able to dismantle it when several interlocking key devices were found which opened up seams at specific points.

Three days later the segments were loaded onto three trucks, together with the bodies, and transported with a tarpaulin marked "Explosives". The convoy headed at night by the least conspicuous and often most laborious route to the restricted Naval Auxiliary Airfield Complex at Los Alamos, arriving one week later. Here they remained for over a year, Steinman claims, before being transported to another base.

The Bodies

Dr. Paul A. Scherer eventually obtained special preservation containers for the least damaged bodies, Steinman relates. One of the companies which supplied equipment was the Air Research Corporation, of which Scherer was Director of Research and Development; it supplied the liquid nitrogen pump, circulation system and refrigeration units. Other specimens were given a complete autopsy, by a team headed by Dr. Bronk, of biophysicists, histochemists and pathologists. The results were put in a report, part of which, Steinman claims, appeared in the "Air Force Project Sign (Grudge) Report No. 13" which has never been released.

According to the report, the bodies were described as averaging 42 inches in length. The facial features strongly resembled "mongoloid Orientals" in appearance, with disproportionately large heads, large "slant" eyes, small noses and mouths. The average weight was about 40 pounds. The torsos were very small and thin, with very thin necks. The arms were long and slender, reaching the knees, with hands containing long and slender fingers with webbing between them. There was no digestive or gastrointestinal tract, no alimentary or intestinal canal, and no rectal point. No reproductive organs were apparent. Instead of blood there was a colorless liquid with no red cells which smelled similar to ozone.


Further Evidence

Veteran researcher Leonard Stringfield, a former Air Force intelligence officer who is the world's leading specialist on what he calls "Retrievals of the Third Kind," shares my misgivings about some of the material in Steinman's book, but we are both impressed with his extensive research into the Aztec case. Stringfield has uncovered further evidence himself. Captain V. A. Postlethwait, who was on detached service with Army G-2 (Intelligence) in 1948, told Stringfield that he was cleared to see a top secret cable describing the crash of a saucer-shaped craft 100 feet in diameter and 30 feet high, with one porthole broken, causing suffocation to the five occupants - who had turned blue as a result. The bodies were about four feet tall with relatively large heads, Postlethwait recollects. The metallic skin of the saucer was too tough to penetrate, although as thin as newspaper. The incident was said to have occurred near White Sands, New Mexico. Aside from a few discrepancies there are some significant parallels with the Aztec case. Postlethwait revealed to Stringfield, for example, that private property was purchased to facilitate transporting the craft.

Leonard Stringfield has also spoken with Dr. Robert Spencer Carr, a retired University of South Florida professor who claims to have testimonial evidence from five sources, including a nurse and a high-ranking Air Force officer who participated in the recovery of a crashed UFO and occupants in 1948 - presumed to be the one at Aztec (although there was another alleged recovery that year, just across the Mexican border near Laredo, Texas). In 1982 Stringfield asked Carr to disclose the name of his principal source, "on the premise that our ages give us little time tolerance in our search for truth."

"When Professor Carr named his source," says Stringfield, "I sat back dumbfounded. I knew his name well in research, and recalled some of his comments on UFOs while he served as an Air Force officer. . . . "Please, Len," pleaded Carr, "keep the name to yourself; please spare me any trouble as long as I live . . . My key witness participated in the 1948 retrieval and saw alien bodies on location."

According to Bill Steinman, two of Carr's sources were aeronautical engineers who provided important information regarding the saucer's construction and propulsion. A source now named is Arthur Bray (not to be confused with the Canadian researcher), a security guard involved with the recovery project. Carr also interviewed a woman whose father was present during the recovery. Information pertaining to the flying saucers must be suppressed, he told his daughter. "If news of this vehicle's water-driven engine got out to the whole scientific community, that would be the end of the oil industry." The comment is of course pure hearsay, but if there is any truth in it a further possible reason for the cover-up is brought to light.

At the still fenced-off crash site on a plateau twelve miles northeast of Aztec, Bill Steinman has uncovered charred and scraped-off rocks of various sizes as well as some metal bracing struts that might possibly have been used for supporting the craft. On one of his visits to the area he was shadowed by two unmarked helicopters.

As for George Bowra's claim that no one in Aztec, could recall the incident, Steinman has traced at least four people who knew where the crash site was located, one of whom, "V.A.," recalls that sometime between 1948 and 1950 a huge disk-shaped flying object with a dome on top skimmed about 100 feet above the ground not far from him. The witness pointed out to Steinman a cliff jutting above the Animas River.

"That thing, or flying saucer, tried hard to clear that cliff, but it hit the very corner up there, shooting sparks and rocks in every direction," he claims. "Finally, it made a right-angle turn in midair and headed straight north in the direction of the alleged crash site at Hart Canyon. That's the last I saw of it. I ran into the house and called the military in Albuquerque. I never heard from them about it."

Steinman first became interested in UFOs in 1981 when he read Frank Scully's book, and has since devoted much of his time and resources on the Aztec case and the other recoveries associated with Scully's claims, often in the face of discouraging odds. Steinman's job in quality assurance and analysis in the aerospace industry has aided him in probing the complex and intricate leads that he has pursued.

Writing in the foreword to Steinman's book, UFO Crash at Aztec, Leonard Stringfield explains how, like many others, he was led to believe the Scully story was a hoax, his disbelief long being conditioned by a succession of ufologists who for years claimed that Scully "was duped by a scheming Silas Newton and his cohort, Leo Gebauer." But now, thanks to Bill Steinman's painstaking research (as well as some of his own leads), he has been obliged to reevaluate the evidence.


Strange Animal Found On Mars In NASA Rover Photo, April 4, 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: April 4, 2017
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo:

This lizard like animal was found by Daily Real Discoveries of Youtube. It shows a creature that is walking and has a long tail on one end and a head with ears on the other. Also visible are its hind legs and front legs. I looked through the photo and found some odd lines carved in areas that look odd. Also there was a door that was open visible in a wall. 
Scott C. Waring


UFO Seen Over Ireland Could Be Evidence That Leprechauns May Be Aliens, March 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 29, 2017
Location of sighting:  Carlow, Ireland
News source:

This UFO was seen last week in Ireland and the shape of the disk is beautiful. As you see from the enlarged screenshot above, this is no cloud. This is a metallic disk, which has more similarities to tens of thousands of UFO reports more than it has to any cloud. 

Coincidence...I think not, because think about the old Irish stories about little green men...they call leprechauns  Were they leprechauns or were they really just aliens? You have to tie together the patters, not just in UFO reports, but historic events, folklore and cultural traditions.
Scott C. Waring

News states: 
IT was a case for Mulder and Scully, or maybe just for a weatherman last Saturday, as a UFO-like cloud hung ominously over Carlow. The mysterious, striking-looking cloud caused widespread panic among locals, although panic can come in different forms – in this case, mild curiosity and a Facebook post. Greg MacLennan and his wife from Carlow town were out for a drive on Saturday evening when they spotted the large, dark, stationery cloud near Carlow Train Station. “It was very odd,” said Greg. “All the other clouds were very high and light like a cirrus type of cloud. This was totally one of its own. Me and my wife were both thinking it’s very odd. It was just sticking out like an eyesore, if you know what I mean. We were saying that ‘it looks like a UFO, doesn’t it’, or something was hiding inside of it, like camouflage! ‘UFO clouds’ are another name that’s given for this particular cloud.” Greg considers himself open-minded but, disappointingy for The Nationalist, did not believe these were UFOs. Although, he could well be in denial. A sober, rational assessment would indicate that it was a lenticular type of cloud, according to Greg. “They usually form over mountains. It has to do with the warm air that moves up from the base of the mountain. Sometimes they form when there is low pressure on the way.” However, sober assessments are no fun and The Nationalist prefers the idea of camouflaged UFOs watching us do a shop at Aldi.