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Baalbek In Lebanon: Megaliths Of The Gods Full Lecture, Why We Can't Build Them Today, Nov 2018, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: Nov 2018

This is a video by the famous Brian Forester. His analyses of different ancient structures, shapes, configuration are very thought provoking. He says these structures are impossible to have been made with primitive tools and methods. I have to agree, even with todays advanced technology, I highly doubt that we will ever see an actual 100% replica of the great pyramids ever built in our lifetime. The blocks of stone are too big, too heavy and too solid. Todays tech and machines are not use to such incredible weights and sizes. 

To build an Egyptian pyramid that matches in every way to the original...whole new tools, transportation, machines and methods would have to be invented. Today in 2018, we just couldn't do it. 
Scott C. Waring


Glowing Orbs Seen Over Cincinnati, Ohio On Sept 2012, VIDEO.

Photos below by the mans daughter, separate camera. 

Date of sighting: September 29, 2012
Location of sighting: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

There are two videos, one taken by the father and one taken by the daughter. I can only put one here due to the daughter not allowing the video to be embedded. So I will put the photos above and a link here to the second video:

Eyewitness states: 

Springboro/Lebanon means you were looking nearly southeast. These were nearly due south from where we were. Middletown is approximately 2/3 the distance from your location to ours and northwest of us. The brightness was greater than a flare and there was no smoke trail involved, which is always visible with flares whether air deployed, flare gun or military pop flares and always illuminates the chute from which it is suspended. No. These were not flares or parachutists. Each of us is tasked with, accountable for and will be judged by our choices, decisions, behaviors and actions within the framework/circumstances within which we live or encounter. I am what I do when it counts- and we are mostly not cognizant of how much it counts. We are even accountable for every idle (in greek that translates to idle, non-productive) word spoken. I have only offered a possibility, not an irresponsible guarantee that it is so.


Mysterious 'Luminous UFO' Appears Over Lebanon, Turkish-Syrian Border - June 7, 2012

Date of sighting: June 7, 2012
Location of sighting: Lebanon, Turkey

This UFO was caught over Lebanon last night. What at first looks like a tail, when looked at closer is clearly not a meteorite burning tail, this is different and to me looks like a single large metallic wing. Very amazing catch and fantastic real footage of a UFO over Turkey. This UFO is best viewed in full screen mode. SCW


UFO Over Lebanon Missouri 5/26/12 Using Night Vision and Sony Cam, Paranormal News.

Date of sighting: May 26, 2012
Location of sighting: Lebanon, Missouri, USA

Eyewitness states: "Please excuse my language in middle of this video, I was really excited. This video was taken in Lebanon, MO on 5/26/12 at 4:49 am using generation 3 pvs-7 night vision goggles recording onto a Sony Cybershot camera. I immediately discounted this as a aircraft since it was flashing, but then as it got closer I noticed it had 3 lights and then as it got even closer it actually had 4 lights. This craft appeared silently in the sky over Lebanon, MO approximately 3-4 miles in the air at 146 deg SE, traveling NW at 320 deg unknown rate of speed. Appears to be some sort of craft that may be mimicking an airplane since it has strobe lights. You can clearly see 4 bright lights (maybe engines) that are connected by some sort of dense frame structure holding things together. Also appears to connect through the middle of the craft from the front light to the back light.  After altering the contrast etc I was able to determined from the video that the tail light flashes, then the left light flashes, followed by the front light flashing. It does not appear that the right light flashes at all for some reason.  Once it passed over me I turned towards the right with the goggles looking straight up. Once I did that the goggles became saturated with the bright lights and washed out the object prevented me from getting a sharp image and focus. The craft continued Northwest towards Eldridge and lost it behind the trees."