June 28, 2013

Email Report: Possible Life Found In Mars Curiosity Rover Photos, June 2013.

Date of discovery: June 2013
Location of discovery: Surface of Mars

We were emailed by D.J. recently and she discovered some very fascinating objects in some Mars photos. The above photo shows a disc-like structures and also in the lower part is what looks like an alien animal reaching out with one arm in front of it. Strangely enough, the arm ends in finger-like appendages. 

The below photos seems to show a turtle-like creature sticking its head out. Also some alien animal on the right side. On the bottom two photos, there is a face on the left that looks like an elf with its hat and on the right side is a gold coin object. 

I have to say she (D.J.) discovered some very cool anomalies. I really love the above photo with the outreached arm. I will try to get more info on it soon. Great work D. J. and thank you for sharing your amazing discoveries with us. SCW