October 24, 2013

Corporal Stationed in Peru Is Eyewitness of UFO Crash, UFO Sighting News.

Date of UFO Crash: April 1997
Location: Peru

Update: Although he mentions DOE, it may mean Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs, which was created by the UN.

Corporal Weygandt states that the DOE, Department of Energy was there on the scene immediately after him, taking control of the situation, with many men in black there. He was there just 15 minutes but because he had an up close look into the craft and the outer parts of the craft he was immediately arrested. The men dressed in black said they are on their own program and don't have to obey anyone, we just do what we want. Weygandt states, "yes there were life forms in the ship." He said he held the creatures hands, which only had four fingers. The men that were investigating the UFO in black cloths were with a team called, "Delta, Oscar, Echo."

I believe these aliens are inhabiting parts of the Peru area in underground bases, and have made an arrangement with the DOE to help cover up accidents. Evidence that aliens have been in Peru go back tens of thousands of year with the Nazdec lines, also a recent alien mummy was found (click here to view). I hope hackers investigate the DOE in Peru...it could be very interesting. SCW

News states: 
Lance Corporal Weygandt was stationed in Peru when he was asked to report to a crash site of a mysterious aircraft shot down into a mountainside. He said it was unlike anything he had seen. After visiting the site, he was arrested and held in a cell for days.


  1. I think this Lance Corporal Weygant is speaking from experience this is not something he's made up in his head. I believe him 100%. I believe this is above the POTUS, it's just as he described them, a rogue group who doesn't answer to anyone.

    1. Depending when this took place, the Japanese were here cleaning out the country of the drug lords. This was during Fujimori. UFOs have been seen with the naked eyes here in Peru for many years. My experiences go back to the 60s. I also know there are Americans here who are working for our government doing something which makes them nervous upon being discovered, so to speak. I was on a return flight on my way to Ft. Lauderdale and I was seated next to an American. I was trying to be nice and make conversation so when I asked what brought him to Peru, he said the USGS. He said the wrong thing. I had just read extensive literature about the USGS and started exposing my knowledge. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN HIS FACE. The guy got pale and looked so nervous. By his appearance, physique, etc. I knew he was not from the USGS. He looked like a Navy Seal, MIB or FBI, at least the ones I know, have seen or have conversed with. So, this guy's story can be very real. We really don't have business here for men who are built like this guy on the plane unless they are special ops. That's just my opinion after seeing the look on his face because he knew nothing about the USGS, lol.

    2. His story is very likely true. UFOs have been seen here, in Peru, with the naked eye and reported in the newspapers since the 60s. I am a witness to a week long event which was tantillizing for a teenager. And as far as special ops being here, I see no reason why unless they are flown in for special events. I was on a return trip to the USA when I was seated next to an American who had the build of an agent of some sort. Trying to be nice, I asked him what brought him to Peru. He said he was with the USGS. I had just done extensive reading about the USGS the day before and responded with a great conversation but the guy turned pale and began to break out in a sweat, so he decided he knew nothing about the subject and quickly avoided conversation. I knew then, he was up to no good in Peru. And, I am sure he was with the government. I wasn't too happy either to be next to these types. They gross me out.

  2. I have found hundreads of crashed alien craft on Google earth in Peru.In the mountain areas they are everywhere.I believe someone is shooting them down

  3. I Have found hundreads of crashed alien craft on Google earth from Peru.The crashed alien craft are everywhere in the mountain areas.I believe someone in peru is shooting them down

  4. As a American Indian we know we came from the Star People and what star and our NDN prophecies and medicine men saying they will be back soon in mass, to keep us from destroying Mother Earth


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