January 13, 2014

Dr Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project Talks About Aliens, UFOs And And Earths Future, Jan 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of interview: January 2014
Person in interview: Dr Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project
Source: Russia Today News 

For those that don't know him Dr Steven Greer is the found of the CSETI group and the Disclosure Project. The Disclosure Project has video record movement officials, military personnel, scientists, nuclear missile guards and much more about their personal sightings. Understand these are people with high standings in the community and often with a high academic education.  I have a lot of respect for Dr Greer and the work that he is doing. He really tries hard to make the world aware of the existence of aliens. A monumental job for sure, but it only takes one person...with dedication and passion for the area to change the world forever. He may be that person. SCW