May 23, 2014

UFO returns over Oregon May 20th 2014, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 20, 2014
Location of sighting: (City?), Oregon

Eyewitness states:
After months of little activity an interesting object returns over Oregon skies. An impression or premonition came over my senses even to the point of starting the camcorder early on.


Anonymous said...

I used to live in in Oregon so wondered where this was shot. Naming a town or county would help me think about this better. Anyway, there's exciting stuff in this video, especially the curious array of lights and the way the craft went behind the trees. Keep up the good work. said...

Although I can't remember exactly word for word, or even actually who made the statement - words to the effect that the reason "we the people" were, or are never told the truth about the existence of ExtraTerrstrials is be cause "the people aren't ready for that type of information - and they want to prevent mass panic and hysteria" and to me that is pure bullshit. In all the videos I've ever seen, with peoples recorded responses in the background, not once has anyone even exibited the slightest fear! Most often is's amazement and wonder. Even for the reptilians - you only get concerned if they display negativity and rarely does that happen. Lets use George W. Bush & Dick-head Cheney and any alien race you might mention! Which would you rather be in the company of? I'll take the aliens anytime over those two evil earth-bound incarnations!!!

Scott Waring said...

I use to live in Sutherlin, Oregon in 6th-7th grade. I don' know the city. I did leave a comment 2 days ago asking him what city it was, but he has not answered me yet. I will keep checking.

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