July 27, 2015

Ancient Alien Face Found On Pluto Icy Mountain In NASA Video, July 26, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: July 26, 2015
Location of discovery: Pluto, icy mountain. 
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydU-YrG_INk

I was watching a new video made with Plutos images and posted by NASA at their official Youtube site and I could not help but notice this face. The face stood out very well and looks almost human. A few things about it seem different. The ear on its right side looks different from ours. Also his neck seems thinner, weaker than our own. Everything else looks similar, his hair, eye, nose, mouth, lips, cheeks, forehead. It must be a very famous person in their culture to get this special treatment. A great ruler, or hero to the people.

You can view the face in the NASA video at 12 seconds until 28 seconds into the video. Best at 28. 

And to the aliens who made this face...We know you are out there, watching, wondering. We see you. 

Scott C. Waring 


Terra Outra said...

novo vídeo do meu mais novo canal no ar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bt9qcjblNmE

Dutchy said...

What has happened with the stars in the second picture..? Zoomed in, but they don`t look like stars at all. I have seen these lightpoints also on Mars. When looking at the video, it looks like there are a lot of buildings at the horizon with flying objects in the sky. Duh...Nasa, and why is the horizon of Pluto so flat

anna partlow said...

If only Stanley Kubrick were still alive they might be able to fool us. Stars? Really? No other pictures on the moon show no stars. NASA nazi liars.

Chris Raymond said...

Why the big grey areas, no data?

X-15 said...

Stanley Kubrick, yes yes i understand he was a indirect NASA or I,g. contracted movie making gov employee...

Good Point.

Anonymous said...

i found many other strange things/face on sun , some of them are unbelivable , should to check my weblog , please see all 4 pages for best findings .... please comment your idea there , nobody belive me :(
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Scott Waring said...

I believe you. Some people have the gift, but never learn they have it, because they never try. I'm glad to hear you have it to. Now you have to learn to only focus on the better, higher quality ones. Most people cannot see the low or middle quality faces and structures.

Scott Waring said...

Although the faces are real, most people can't see them well, so only report the best of the best, or the ones that just rub you the wrong way.

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