September 21, 2015

Alien Mysteries: Humanoid Figure Seen On The Surface Of Mars, Sept 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: September 2015
Location of sighting: Mars
Source photo:

This Mars photo appears to show a figure on the cliff. The figure is dark and very small, much like the other figures found over the years. It has two arms and two legs with a neck and head. NASA has a bad habit of ignoring the scientific data UFO researchers around the globe find in their photos, because they are afraid it will reveal their true make it appear to the public that NASA is trying to search for life on Mars, but its for appearances only to appease the public. NASA/USAF already have bases on Mars and Earths moon. 

Other details are hard to make out, but this is one nice discovery by Mister Enigma of Youtube. Subscribe to the guy, he is awesome. Mister Enigma on Facebook.
Scott C. Waring


  1. Your likes box has disappeared? Looks like he's holding a round shield

    1. Its working, you may have to renew the page or view it on another browser. Works with Safari.

  2. the most fun i have by thinking about the denying and cover up. We already know for long time about the subterran reptoids, the greys and their presence on Mars.
    But they still want to hide...quite rediculous

  3. I hope im not sounding a bit sexist here to the female crewmates so this is not my intention, but to me Scott that humaniod in the 1st 1:30mins reminds me of a nicely plump bottomed very human looking female that appears to be wearing a dark colored sleveless tight fitting body suit @ least from my perspective ill indicate & heck, i wonder do she know the other female w/ the v neck long dress on that was filmed standing on a flat rocky platform hum recently, NASA show US those HiDef films of them in 2 piece bathin suits there near a martian beach for heavens sake....

    I do suspect that NASA has quite a bit of HiDef filmed anomalie info regarding pluto, & as far as mars goes w/out a dought.

  4. Love the big green arrow, I could see it before, people must be blind if u had to do that

    What's at the top of this image, is it the mars base or what?

  6. Hi Scott. Regarding these tiny humanoids, Malaysia has an interesting history of tiny aliens. During my school years in 80s there was an incident a small alien craft landed in a school. Some students managed to grab one who was seen carrying a tiny fish. But he was kinda shot or stabbed on the hand. Was in every newspaper in my country but in my language. Here's a site i found ducumenting some of it in English.

  7. Scott, you are on top of all kinds of footage. I used to run the video archive for 37 networks at Discovery Commincations, so I can relate to what thats like. Have you witnessed anything personally? Greg

  8. There's soo much in this photo ..keep looking

  9. Cool picture,I can see the bodyshape but I found 2 other figures,a building with windows and (courtyard) a large rock face and a tree + other weird shapes,yes heaps in this pic,figures are at 8 oclock down left,from the shadow figure,on top of large upturmed triangular rock.I'd luv a closer look

  10. Any idea of distance between the rover camera and object?

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