September 30, 2015

Ancient Blocks Found On Mars, Proof Of Complex Structures, Sept 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
NASA Source:

Whatsupinthesky37 found some interesting blocks that were obviously used in construction long ago. I'm not sure why archeologists ignore this evidence, but it needs to be looked at by a serious team or archeologists. 
Scott C. Waring

Whatsupinthesky37 of Youtube states:
This image from SOL 1107 that my friend Ron showed to me is absolutely amazing! Once again it is a little blurry and has some blur spots at VERY suspicious places.. It is a gem for the anomalies hunters! I show you some ruins from Egypt to get your eyes used to some of these during the video and also provide the FotoForensics which seems to show some tampering all in the "Sandy" places! You are going to want to add this to your collection as well as check out the WUITS Article for all the up close enhancements! If you have not checked out any of the articles that go along with the videos you are missing out! They have really become addon to the video itself! Much love to everyone and I hope to ALL of your views on this image! What are you seeing here? Do you see what I see? What did I miss?


  1. I don't think they are ignoring it I think its part of the rovers covert missions

  2. OK I onlly have my phone to view these pics but here we go.Just off centre top of pic is a rock face cut at 45 angle just above its left eye(looks to have lashes ?),just below that are 2 small rock faces lying sideways and below that what looks like a figure in a white suit sitting on the rock near the shadow.Gets better,to the far right edge of the pic exactly half way,zoom in and find the 2 different figures standing face on to each other,one has white pants and tall,the other brown and short and yes above these 2 figures is one more,look for the 3 letters -ox,yes letters,just behind is a transparent figure.I hope I'm not going mad !!!

  3. Does anybody see a human skeleton (laying on it's back) with the head poking out in the last two pictures?

  4. Look this image, there is person walking. Looks a lot like starwars sandpeople :o Its in upper right corner

  5. Yea I see what looks like a skeleton head and body laying face up covered in sand / dirt above the what looks to me like a broken gurney.

  6. My son is an archaeologist in Rome and studied for three years the archaeological evidence of Mars. He is sure that they belong to a very ancient human civilization.

    1. And id agree w/ your son also, & ill ad that there were other humanoid types on mars in its zenith other than the human type like us UC, there were also the Reptoidal Humanoid, & there were what i call the Human Animal Hybrid type of humanoid beings, & there were offworlder type of humans & beings that regularly would visit mars for a number of business & social reasons that was not apart of the two groups too...

      I see a past society on mars Zenith of glory before the global catastrophe that was not govern exactly the same way that we here on earth are familiar w/, & not all the different types of humanoid beings got along, tho i do sense that all of mars human types & there Other Worldly visiting human types like us had united to conspire to eradicate those two primary beings off mars that began to become a unruly nusense to all of the martian human type beings ect, & what i wonder now is, is the present beings in control on mars the decendents of the mars of ages past tho for zome strange reason i feel in my depths of my consciousness that most of the controlers of mars are not, they are those visitors decendents that new, visited & quite possibly was related to the Human Martian of mars past, & are now broken into global regional groups/society's/clans or orgs, as to possibly one of the reasons they left most regions of mars surface in a "Landfill type of Condition", & clearly you can sense from watching those sanded areas that NASA is continuing to obfuscate images of writings, also machineed parts scattered on the surface, angled structures ect, just plane as night & day obfuscation imo they may even DISAPPEAR a object such as a crashed or damadged vehical of some kind that would really show the world something, i also suspect that thru photo shop visual prog's that they now include false images as a DEBUNKING tool to throw people off into believing this mars surface debree study to look insane, & there suspected agents that comment on these UFO web sights & there behind the scenes committing online sabotaging of a UFO sights images ect, so be weary of the online UFO blogg tricksters now when you & your son are viewing mars images from now on OK.

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