December 31, 2015

UFO Fleet Over Santiago, Chile Leave Mountain Base Every Year On December! Compare this year and last year! Videos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: December 2015
Location of sighting: Santiago, Chile
News source:

This UFO event is not unknown to Santiago, but is actually a yearly thing, when fleets of UFOs leave the underground base in the mountains along Santiago. I will place this weeks sighting video below, with last years below and you will see, that the mountain location, UFOs, and timing are almost the same. It is...a yearly event for aliens. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
Amazing video of Ufos that appeared in Santiago - Chile 2015-fantastic video of Ufos that appeared in Santiago - Chile 2015 Look at the emotion of the girl on sight the ufos on the Chilean Capital, Santiago - December 2015

This video below is from December of 2014!!!! Same month, same week.


  1. This is awesome. This website is awesome. You're awesome Scott. I check this site every day and push everyone i know to check it as well. Thanks!

  2. This is awsome this is as same as a person caught a ufo fleet in downtown but here the orbs are moving in upposite direction not moving in same its a clear footage of existing aliens now its proven dude thanks scott for this video i really appreciate...

  3. Wow really spectecular recently a person in downtown recorded a footage resembling this and that video is already posted here but on that downtown video orbs were not moving in opposite direction here is totally different whatever its now proven that aliens really exixsts thanks scott thanks for this video i really appreciate....

  4. This is actually fantastic. So exciting.

  5. Everyone is asleep.they will remain so until the �� event.

  6. They are preparing us for the great deception. This is taught in satanic churches. The fallen angels are working toward deceiving man in thinking there are extraterrestrial creatures that have traveled from far away. They will tell us that they will give us peace and prosperity, no famine and take us to higher consciousness. This is just not true. This is the last attempt to gather the masses to the dark side before Crist returns. There are no aliens. The fallen angels were here before man and they will forever be here. They are indigenous to this planet just as much if not more than we are. I have to check my you tube account, but I will send some links to some very interesting videos on the occult and the teaching of the occult as they have certain information of this realm that most do not have.

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  9. We noticed similar sightings at Bengaluru India, today may 15 around 8 15 pm
    The series of lights(4 in line ) flew very fast and dissappeared after certain distance south west direction in the sky and moving almost east to west!
    After we searched in the internet found this website and video looks so similar to what was seen today but in the video its much slower. For us we couldnot even had time to take video or photo!

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  13. This is the Chilean military doing manouvers you idiots !

    1. The Chilean military dosnt have glowing night time craft as advanced as those comming out of a mountain at certain periods ofthe yr, & you know what i think, i think that the chilean military are not capable of disturbing them either imo.

  14. It seems like you are writing your own comments to make people think you are legit! Hahahhah and you erase the may Sayers's. I am a believer in UFO and extraterrestrial life but you are just an idiot trying to make $$$ off other idiots.😤🤥🤥🤥


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