Happy new years everyone! Thanks for an awesome 2015, Your caring and sharing has made this site what it is today.

Hey everyone, I just want to say thanks and happy new years. I hope you all have a good one ahead of you. UFO Sightings Daily got this far only because you care about the truth. Remember when I got you organized to email NASA to stop them from pulling down the live Internet cams from the space station? Well we succeed back then, and we have more successes together ahead of us. 

Today I open Yahoo news and saw an article about this site, when I found the claw last week in a Mars photo. They gave me a fantastic review and quoted me. They put it in the "science" section and not the "odd" section. World news is taking us seriously and seeing UFO research as a real science, but only because of you sharing on Facebook and Twitter, telling your friends and family. We are a good team, but I am nothing without you. Thank you so much for the best year ever. The future looks great for us all. Disclosure is on its way. 
Scott C. Waring