April 18, 2016

Shoe Found On Mars Half Meter Long Near Rover! April 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Photos are original...unaltered. 

Date of discovery: April 2016
Location of discovery: Mars baby
Source photo: http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/186287

I found the shoe, now...if I can just find the other one.  

Hmmmm...it is a shoe, a left shoe to be precise (from its curvature of its opening), and a big one at that. At half a meter across, this would have easily fit on the King of Mars that I found a few months ago. 

I also found some other anomalies...a few faces, a decorated small box about a foot square (house for the smaller species, read footnote), and a few others I didn't bother posting here, because really, the only thing that matters is...that shoes are cool. Its shows us that at least one species about 3.5-4.5 meters tall existed here and they had feet! Yes...thats important if you want to find similarities in an unknown alien species. 

The evolution of bipedal locomotion in humans was aided by the development of an upright head and backbone and of an arched foot, which tells us what the alien must have looked like...us to some degree. 

Its not a jellyfish tentacle alien or a bird foot alien or a flipper foot alien. Its a bipedal creature that was smart enough to have shoes! 
Scott C. Waring

To learn about the 3cm species read this post: Apollo 20 mission to recover tech in ship at Deporte crater.

Can you see his teeth? He has teeth!!!


Crazy Potatoe Masher said...

Sorry Scott but it doesn't look like a shoe to me.

Imran Awan said...

where is this shoes now?

Dr. Moebius said...

Scott, you'd best get to rehab - stop smoking those Mars rocks! Because that's all most of these are.

Scott Waring said...

Then you obviously have never been shopping with your wife. Single huh?

Michael Dougherty said...



You are making fun of someone while you are claiming that a rock is a fucking shoe?

Your ego is outrageous.

To claim that these rocks are 100% actually shoes or sculpted faces makes you look like a total moron. I wouldn't be making fun of people when half of the people that even cone to this blog make fun of YOU.

Just so classless. Scott Waring is apparently a jerk as well as a total idiot.

Did you run out of faces to color, you childish fool?

tazzie said...

Maybe thats why the giant man seen walking on the clouds recently. He lost his shoe!

Kevin Carney said...

Really, some of these photos. You Really have to S T r e c h the imagination. Now I'm not saying, they are All fake. But Photoshop, gets some Awesome results.

MrHennity said...

^ heh heh ... I would rather be lost in space than any more trips to the shops with the wife...regards the Martians,they`re clearly very laid back dudes - they wear "slip ons" it seems...probably lost it after a night on the piss.

Scott Waring said...

And thats why I have a NASA source to the original photo above my discoveries...so you can confirm its there. Have you tried to click on the NASA photo link? Its there, the shoe...on the far left side.

Anonymous said...

Just another Rock waring you moron!

sleepingintheground said...

Playtime is over scottyboy. Put the play dough down.🙈🙉🙊 is all the dead people ya you know who you are. They are so much into themself's.Let's remember if you are different you don't belong. At this rate they are done.

tazzie said...

Hey i have become a regular visitor to this site i love all the great images of mars and can imagine it takes a long time viewing to find all the stuff people want to see. When i started any research in my youth i only had magazines or books. Internet is a whole new world of fast upto date fantastic information. I think fake stuff will always be around but its there for you to decide whats real or not. I have three telescopes and have watched our night sky for more than twenty years. Never got bored. So being shown actual images sent through space from mars is amazing. Thanks scott :-)

It was barzini alll along. said...

Look. In my mind 95% of these rock faces are just eroded rocks. A few are interest ing. The fish rocks are very interesting. But we could go to any rocky desert area in the US and make similar claims to the faces found on mars. Just my thoughts guys. Mean no disrespect.

Scott Waring said...

Hey thanks Tazzie, glad you like it. It does take some time, but all hobbies do. Glad to hear you have a telescope. Me too. Will go out tonight to see the moon. Its a clear night tonight here in Taiwan...might get lucky.

In my youth, I only had some old NASA books. I'm 47. An old dog, but it still amazes me sometimes.

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