May 29, 2016

Green UFO Caught During Sunset Over Water Dam, Pennsylvania, May 16, 2016, UFO Sightings News.

Date of sighting: May 16, 2016
Location of sighting: Quemahoning Dam, Pennsylvania, USA 

This photo was sent yesterday by a reader here at UFO Sightings Daily. The person was at a famous camping area at Quemahoning Dam, PA. The person took a photo during sunset and caught a UFO by accident hovering over the water. UFOs as I have said before are most often seen during sunset, due to the sun sitting at a 90 degree angle to the person so cloaked craft become visible for a few minutes. This one probably was caught exiting or entering the water. An awesome UFO photo. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
Quemahoning Dam. I took a pic of the sun going down and two days later I noticed a green dot in the pic. When I zoomed in on it, this is what was there. I never saw it while taking the pic.


  1. It has a nice looking 520nM wave length green glow about it thatll catch human eyesite at a considerable distance.

  2. The clarity of the scenery in this pic is just amazing. The
    quality of cameras is getting exponentially greater and as a result I think were going to get inundated with fantastic captures like this.
    . This past month alone has yielded some great results.
    . I'm surprised you don't have the sighting from over Wright Patterson base in Dayton Ohio. It got alot of coverage here, although I live about 4 hours from it.

    1. Cool, I will search for it. Wright Patterson base. I'm on it.

    2. Wright Pat AFB in Dayton Oh, have a rep for UFO's that dates back decades.

    3. Can't post it, tampering has been done on that video. Screenshots behavior in photo program are almost totally reversed. Sign of fake. When I add light, it gets darker, when I add contrast, it gets lighter.

  3. Not to throw cold water on it, but that does resemble lens flair. Unless this was not from a smart phone, and was from a high quality film or DSLR, you can still get this kind of lens flair. If you notice, the object is round, and what it is a refraction of the light bouncing in the lens tube and focusing in that area. Inside the you can see the tree line upside and the clouds, but only in the green spectrum after having been bounced around in the lens. I have some shots with my Nikon DSLR at the sunset over a lake, and many shots had that 'ball' of green in them, seemingly over the water. I can send one or more if you are interested to see.

  4. There doesnt appear to be any light reflection from the object in the water ripples

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  6. Someone should build recording binoculars or handhelp recording telescopes for future better caputures like this!