Chile UFO sighting, see photo of July 5, 2010.

Date: 5 July 2010

Chile: Incandescent Object Plunges from Sky over Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas

A UFO entering or atmosphere? Seldom do we get the chance to photograph one of the most striking phenomena that our universe has to offer: the entry of a strange body into the terrestrial atmosphere.

The images and video were sent by Ricardo Vargas from Puerto Montt although other users such as Christian Munoz also confirms having witnessed the descent around 8 a.m., although from Puerto Varas.

It is more than likely just a meteor, that is to say, a space rock falling toward earth without fully disintegrating, forming what we romantically dub “shooting stars”. However, burned-out satellites and boosters fall to earth, generating flames during the process.

What is it, really? That’s up to you. But don’t forget to make a wish, just in case.

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