Giant UFO caught on Australia Radar showing a ruby red UFO mothership.

This almost looks like a wormhole, possibly created be the CERN Project. The have been upping the energy levels this week to close to the same levels that created the big bang, but that is just my theory by SCW... Here is the article.

Ever heard of Crop Circles? The crop circles as the names suggest are the flattening of crops to make a pattern, this patterns are of the unknown.

News on the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s found a very mysterious pattern on their national radar system. Many are now puzzled by the strange images appearing on radar maps of the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology, Could this be the evidence of UFO or just a glitch on their system?

Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s national radar system described the random images as red stars, rings of fire and white doughnuts, the picture of the world was clear Satellite imagery showed there was no cloud over the area, So how could a glitch happen at that time when the national radar system says that there were no disturbances, The unusual phenomenon could not be disregarded saying it was a glitch made because of clouds.

The Bureau of Meteorology acknowledged of the mysterious pattern, but disclaimed it saying that mysterious pattern was the “occasional interference to the radar data.” The people are now restless, people are now making theories to explain the mysterious pattern alien involvement, secret military testing to government weather modification etc.

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