A UFOlogist Sends Request by Radio Waves Into Deep Space And Gets Answer 24 Hours Later.

Note that the last major UFO sighting was in 2004 here in Taiwan.

I Scott C. Waring, an amateur UFOlogist in Taiwan did something that most people might call a waste of money and time. I sent a message into deep space using radio waves. This time I did something even more unusual, I asked for something.

The last two sentences in my message said: “Please have more UFO sightings in Taiwan this Year. I will help reveal your presence, but I need U 2 help.” That message was sent from Goonhilly earth station on March 29, 2010 at 02h42 (GMT). Photo below.

On March 31, 2010 an assistant professor for South China University (in Taiwan) recorded a flying saucer with a half circle orb on its bottom. Mrs. Lai took some photos with here cell phone as she saw an object half the size of a car, hovering along the telephone lines of a road, as if it was accessing the data transfer along the cables. This photo was in newspapers across Taiwan and also broadcasted on Taiwan TV news programs. The photos are below.

It does appear as if the deep space radio message was answered. In this case, sending radio transmissions into space may be a means to communicate to other intelligent species beyond our planet. For them to respond to such a message in 24 to 28 hours would indicate that they are relatively close by, unlike what NASA would want us to believe. Not to mention that SETI refuses to send messages, but instead is intent on only listening for messages sent to them. If you have ever waited for a letter in the mail then you know that that method could take a very long grueling time.

Since radio waves travel at the speed of light, and light travels at 186,282 miles per second, that means this message would have only traveled 16, 104,000,000. This would encompass our solar system and a little beyond, but for them to react so quickly would mean that the chances that they came from our solar system are very high.

To accomplish this, I used a giant satellite dish at Goonhilly, UK that was once the world’s largest earth station.

Clearly, with such evidence, sending a message into deep space is not futile, but rather both a method of preservation of the information and new way of communication with new species. Sending messages into space is a fun way to let other species aware that you know they exist, and to let them know, you exist too! I have sent all four of my books I wrote into space in their totality using these methods in hope they will be read elsewhere.

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