politician admits UFO visitation and aliens are here, UFO sighting.

US politician admits UFO visitation and aliens are here

A U.S politician has admitted that UFO visitation is real and aliens have made contact with America’s leaders. The politician, Henry McElroy, a lifetime member of the Republican Party, has released a video statement regarding what he knows about aliens and UFOs.
McElroy is a former member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives but through his involvement with numerous committees on a national level came into contact with briefs regarding the extra-terrestrial issue. He claims that one such secret brief that he was able to examine was addressed to President Eisenhower and originated with the military.
The brief confirmed that Extra-terrestrials were present in the U.S and were seeking a meeting with President Eisenhower. The brief also noted that the E.Ts were benevolent and posed no threat to national security.
The video statement was made earlier this month.
McElroy is best known for sponsoring a new gold money bill in 2004, aiming to restore the use of gold and silver as currency in the state of New Hampshire.

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