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5km White UFO In Crater On Planet Ceres, June 17, 2021 UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: June 17, 2021
Location of discovery: Dwarf Planet Ceres, Astroid Belt

While searching a Ceres map I noticed that the map was deliberately lightened by NASA to hide the details. So I added some contrast and the things started popping out. Adding too much light, making photos black and white and also using false color (mars photos) to confuse the public so that we don't notice the alien artifacts on the surface of the moons and planets. But once you become use to this...its easy to focus it and restore the photo to its original glory most the time. 

This UFO is parked in a crater, where most the UFOs I find on planets and moons are commonly found. The crater is about 25km by 35km more or less and that would make the size of this spaceship 5km from wing tip to wing tip. It could easily carry tens of thousands of passengers. It's like a small city inside this craft. 

Can you imagine what Elon Musk would say if he knew about this craft? I bet it would be, "I'll get there in 30 days." But I'm sure Elon Musk gets alot of alien tech from DARPA program. They leak it out bit by bit to get it into the public sectors. I think even President Biden has no clue to the existence of this alien spacecraft and others out there. Even US presidents are kept on a need to know basis about aliens and alien tech. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Moon Size Alien Ship Recorded Entering Our Sun On Aug 23, 2020, Raw Footage! UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 23, 2020
Location of sighting: Sun

This UFO was recorded by Terry's Theories of Youtube. He said he used a sun filter on his Nikon P1000 and has been catching strange objects shooting in and out of our sun. In this video you can see a large rigid object heading into our sun. But when I took a screenshot and added focus, I see a spaceship. There is no doubt about it. Its an alien craft flying into our sun. For us to see it and for it to be that big...we are talking moon size or more. Yes its possible, when you are an alien who lives forever...time means little to you. You can accomplish so much more when you have endless time. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Ancient Engine Found On Mars In Newest Photos From Mars, Jan 20, 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 20, 2017
Location of sighting: Mars Sol 1584
Source photo:

I found these two strange alien made artifacts in the latest Curiosity rover photos that came in today. The parts show that they were designed to serve a mechanical purpose of some sort. The round one even looks very similar to an electric engine. So, this is proof that aliens did have machines that could move and make their life easier. These two objects were once attached to one another and moved the longer a fan glad on a fan, but slower. 
Scott C. Waring


Spaceship Parked Near House Recorded By NASA Curiosity Rover This Today! Jan 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: January 12, 2017
Location of discovery: Mars, 200 meters North of Sebina
NASA source 1:
NASA source 2:

I found a spaceship parked near a house in todays most recent batch of Curiosity rover photos posted to their site. There were actually two different views of it in two photos. At first I only saw the house in the distance with its four long long rectangle dark window openings. Then I soon realizes that there was a space ship parked just a little ways from the house. 

You see, this is phycholoical manipulation that NASA has been playing for a long time. They take photos of mars and change the to a red color...they call it false color most the time, or they will only show black and white photos like here. Its very difficult for the untrained eye to make out any detail in a photo when its in black and white. 

Since childhood my favorite photographer in the world has been Ansel Adams and he only take photos in black and white, I have learned a lot from his photos. You see, when you change a landscape into black and white, some more prominent subjects that are obvious to the eyes are now, less so. Red objects become dark grey, yellow objects become white grey, both becoming less attention grabbing.  NASA is relying on the fact that most people have not learned to focus on the fine detail in back and white photos, but you can learn fast with effort. It just takes practice. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan


officer of the U.S. Capitol Police leaked reports of UFO sighting, photos.

A former officer of the U.S. Capitol Police leaked reports of UFO and hyperdimensional extraterrestrial spacecraft flyovers over the U.S. Capitol, using the active email account a U.S. Capitol Police officer on the staff of the U.S. Senate Sergeant-at-Arms.

The former U.S. Capitol Police officer, who has requested anonymity, provided the leaked reports in 2008 and 2009 to researcher and author Robert M. Stanley after Mr. Stanley made research inquiries of the U.S. Capitol Police regarding Wilbur “Will” Allen’s documentation of 2002 UFO/ET flyovers over the U.S. Capitol.

The leaked reports by the U.S. Capitol Police officer, which Mr. Stanley has examined and claims appear to be valid reports, confirm specific UFO/ET flyovers on April 22, 1999 and in spring 1995 in P-51 restricted airspace over the U.S. Capitol.

Mr. Stanley has made these leaked reports by a former U.S. Capitol Police officer public in an exclusive Exopolitics Radio interview with reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre, and in the article below.

These leaked reports contain prime eyewitness witness evidence of UFO/ET over flights over the U.S. Capitol by the U.S. Capitol Police, trained officers in charge of the physical safety of the U.S. Capitol area. The U.S. Capitol Police, according to Mr. Stanley, report to the National Security Agency (NSA) on matters relating to incursions into P-51 protected airspace by UFO/ET flyovers or landings on protected buildings, such as the U.S. Capitol, the White House, the reflecting pool, etc.

The leaked reports by the former U.S. Capitol Police officer confirm the assertions of Wilbur “Will” Allen, a former White House employee and Air Force One engineer under U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton, that a U.S. Capitol Police officer had informed him in 2002 when he filed photos of UFO/ET flyover with them that the U.S. Capitol Police were experiencing similar UFO/ET flyovers over the U.S. Capitol to the ones Mr. Allen was photographing, as reported in a May 19, 2010 article, UFODC-Obama adviser says documented UFO/ET landings on U.S. Capitol “could destabilize society.

These reports by the former U.S. Capitol Police officer are not a formal announcement or official “disclosure” by the U.S. Capitol Police of a frequent UFO/ET presence in the U.S. Capitol area. The reports do constitute a significant unofficial UFO/ET disclosure by a former U.S. Capitol Police officer through the active email account of a current U.S. Capitol Police officer at the U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms of the UFO and hyperdimensional presence in the protected airspace of the U.S. Capitol and the White House.


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UFO sighting in Venezuela, journalist took photo.

“The time was after 7:30 p.m. and we suddenly heard the dog, in the back yard, bark incessantly. We thought there had been a break-in and we went to look. Since there was no one about, we stayed outside chatting. Suddenly we noticed a blue light in the sky making abrupt ascending and descending movements. We thought it might be an airplane, but I remembered that these use three lights: white in front, when they are about to land, and red and green at the sides. This wasn’t a plane; it was a UFO.”

Alfredo Villalobos, a photojournalist with 25 years’ experience, explained that at the time he was with Maria Romero, his mother-in-law, and he ran inside to get his camera to take a photo of the image. He succeeded, but the object vanished shortly after. “It gave me a chance to take two photos. When I developed them, I realized that a cylindrical object was involved.”

The image was taken by the photojournalist last Wednesday from the backyard of his house in the Altamira Urbanization of the parish of Raul Leoni, where another sighting was reported on December 21, 2007, but on that occasion it was over the La Floresta Urbanization.

At that time, Hector Escalante, a reporter from Caracas who runs the Ovnivenezuela blog with Rafael Gutierrez, collected for his website the impressions of Joelvin Villarreal, a witness to the event, who described a triangular object with perfectly aligned red lights, zigzagging between the roofs of the area’s buildings.

The skies over Latin American capitals have served as locations for countless UFO sightings since ancient times. Venezuela has not been the exception. According to Escalante, a minimum of 10 sighting reports are received from the entire territory, with peak events occurring in the last months of the year.

He explained that the states from which he receives the most information are the Capital District, Merida, Aragua, Carabobo, Zulia and Falcon. From this last location, a minimum of four reports are received every month, leading the researcher to classify the region as a “hot spot”

There are hypotheses suggesting that UFOs come from other dimensions and not other planets, as the popular imagination and Hollywood have suggested over the years. In spite of this, human beings keep looking to the skies, and one of the best examples of this is the SETI initiative (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) that endeavors to find alien intelligent life through electromagnetic signals picked up by various radio telescopes or else by sending messages of different kinds into space, in the hope that one of them will receive a reply. Another example can be seen in the Voyager I and II space probes, as well as Pioneer 10 and 11, which carry messages making known the existence of some of the human races most important advances, in the case that life should be found during their journeys through the cosmos.

The existence of extraterrestrial life has not been found in space or other dimensions, but it was astronomer Carl Sagan who once said: “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

Source: Diario La Verdad (Venezuela) and Planeta UFO

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

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UFO sighting in Orange, California May 16, 2010.

Event Date: 2010-05-16
Event Location: Orange, California, US

Event Description: "I was driving home northbound on the 55 freeway in the city of Orange, CA around 2 am.

As i passed the Collins overpass and before the Katella overpass, i noticed what looked like a satellite traveling west across the sky very slowely. I literally said "huh, a UFO! lol" and chuckled a bit as it crossed the sky slowely. A few seconds later it stopped then started slowely traveling east towards the hills of Orange/ Irvine. Suddenly, it stopped and took off like a shooting star, north (towards the Cajon Mountains) and faded away. A second after that, it came back bright blue, like really bright blue. as it reappeared, it seemed to be traveling towards me (south)slowely then started to travel east. As i passed the Collins overpass and started to exit onto Ketalla, the light had already traveled to my right hand/ passenger side. As it continued to move slowely i lost it over the freeway fence (becasue of the height of the fence). The last sight i saw was a bright blue light shaped like a fat bone traveling east over the fence.I exited off to ketalla and made my first right onto a residential street, but lost the light. Luckily i just so happend to have my camera next to me becasue i had taken it with me to the Angels/ Athletics game. I managed to snap two pictures but only one came out. I dont consider myself a skeptic, but seeing this object, which i strongly felt was a UFO, I stongly feel that UFOs exist. Seeing is believing. I have attached a photo of the object but it must be enhanced to truely see its form. The light is located in the left mid corner.Be sure to zoom in on the object to see what i saw that morning."

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UFOs spotted in Alexandria, UK May 28, 2010.

UFOs spotted in Alexandria
May 28 2010 by Marc Mclean, Lennox Herald (main ed)
UFOs have been hovering in the skies above Alexandria, it has been claimed.
Artists illustration below:

Several similar sightings of a bright object have been made at night over the past few weeks.
Stunned sky watchers have been reporting unexplained visions on website uk-ufo, where thousands of people share their experiences.

Vale woman Margaret Russell told of her sighting at 10pm on Sunday, May 2.

She said: “My husband and I were out with the dog and saw an orange/red light quite low in the sky.

“It was very bright and slow moving at this point. We watched it thinking it was perhaps a plane or helicopter, but there was no noise of any kind from it.

“As we watched the light seemed to fade at first, but it rose in the sky at a great speed until we couldn’t see it anymore.
“We are sure this was not a Chinese lantern, it was far too deliberate in moving. Unfortunately we had nothing to take photos.”

Cardross man Archie Westwood saw the same coloured lights at the same time just two days later.
He said: “This is amazing! My wife and I saw two silent orange/red lights in the sky last night at about 10.15pm – and they were exactly as described by Margaret Russell.

“I too thought they were Chinese lanterns, but they did not stay together and they moved in different directions, going behind a cloud and then re-appearing.
“The incredible thing is that we live in Cardross, which is only four miles from where Margaret Russell saw them the night before last at almost exactly the same time.

“These lights, which were only a few thousand feet up in the air, were unlike anything either of us has seen in the sky in our lives.
“Unlike Margaret, I had time to grab my camera – however, I did not realise that the camera was on the video setting, so I was not able to zoom in on them.
“All I have is a short video. They are just two pin pricks of light, like stars.

“I strongly believe that these were not planes, satellites or contrails reflecting the sun. Their rapid movement in varying directions and ultimate disappearance convinced me that it could not have been any of these things.”


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Cops investigate Northern Territory UFO sighting as possible invasion 5-27-2010.

Cops investigate NT UFO invasion.

May 27th, 2010

BELIEVER: Local UFO-ologist Alan Ferguson says the aliens could be coming.

A FULL-SCALE alien invasion of the Northern Territory has begun.

Astronomers and police say that the flares seen across a 360km-long stretch of the Top End coast were probably caused by a meteor shower.

But highly-qualified UFO-ologists said they believed the bright lights were space ships on a pre-attack scouting mission.

Darwin-based UFO expert Alan Ferguson said the flares were obviously aliens. "This all sounds like UFO activity," he said.

"Meteors usually just flash across the sky and leave a tail.

"But UFOs will stay in the same spot and wobble up and down and side to side. Fast movements.

"That's how they work."

Do you believe in UFOs? - leave your comment below

Mr Ferguson said UFOs, like Swedish backpackers and Canberra politicians, nearly always came to the Top End during the dry season.

"It may be just that there are less clouds and we can see better," he said. "Or it maybe that we're outside more during the Dry.

"Or maybe the UFOs are interested in our military activity. There are always more of them about during (Operation) Pitch Black."

Superintendent Bruce Porter said police received many calls about the flares at about 9pm on Tuesday.

Police feared a boat was in distress and launched a search. "We took this seriously, but the indications are that nobody is missing," they said.

Just last month the NT News reported on how one Territory town's invasion by UFOs had been recorded in the world's most famous museum for extraterrestrial life.

The tiny community of Marlinja came to a standstill in June 2008 when UFOs reportedly descended on the town. Now the event has been recorded at the International UFO Museum in Roswell.

Roswell in New Mexico is home to arguably the most famous UFO incident of all time.

On July 8, 1947, it was reported that US Army personnel had recovered a crashed flying disc from a ranch near Roswell.

Supt Porter believes the flares were probably a meteor shower.


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10 UK UFO sighting reports this week, read them here.

Location of Sighting: Tamworth and Polesworth Staffs Date of Sighting: 23/05/2010 Time: 9pm Witness Name: Matgaret Hunt Witness Statement: We were sitting the conservatory when we noticed a bright light in the sky at first we thought it was a star but as it was still light we then decided that it my be a chinese lanten my [...]
Location of Sighting: Tamworth and Polesworth Staffs
Date of Sighting: 23/05/2010
Time: 9pm
Witness Name: Matgaret Hunt

Witness Statement: We were sitting the conservatory when we noticed a bright light in the sky at first we thought it was a star but as it was still light we then decided that it my be a chinese lanten my husband used his video camera to zoom in on the light we continued to film and watch the light for about two hours 9.00 -11pm we were amazed at what we filmed and wouid like to know what this may have been.
Location of Sighting: Kenilworth, Warwickshire
Date of Sighting: 22 May 2010
Time: 23:45
Witness Name: Steve Temple

Witness Statement: I was looking out of the rear window of the house, over a playing field. I saw three lights moving in formation from directly in front of me towards my left. The lights did not belong to one object as there was a degree of variation. I opened the window expecting to hear a noise but there was only traffic noise from the nearby A46.
Before they had left sight, two more lights appeared and followed the same trajectory.
The original three had passed and the two were on their way when a third one appeared and followed the same path.
I couldn’t trace them from the front of the house due to hindered visibility.
Location of Sighting: Trowbridge Wiltshire
Date of Sighting: 23/05/2010
Time: 11.00
Witness Name: Michelle Dunne

Witness Statement: Last night I was in my garden when I noticed 3 stars close to the moon. I did not think anything of it until I noticed 2 of them were moving in sync.
I watched for about 2 mins as the star like objects moved across the sky then slowly faded. I don’t think they were satellites as I have never seen 2 satellites moving together.
Location of Sighting: West Bromwich
Date of Sighting: 22/5/10
Time: strange lights
Witness Name: Paul

Witness Statement: I was outside working and the sun was shining not a cloud in the sky, looked up at a plane flying over and noticed 2 really bright lights behind the plane, one was moving just steady behind and the other was moving in a random way in many directions. I looked really hard to try and work out exactly what they were, but other than being bright and looking round i really couldnt work out what they were !! This was in nice bright daylight about midday id say, normally things like this are seen at dusk or night time, the thing that really freaked me out was. . i was wearing polorised sun glasses, and when i removed the glasses i couldnt see them, but the passenger plane was still in clear view !! Sounds unreal but its the truth. Also see the same light just on its own later in the day in a different place, but this time the bright light was stationary, all these lights just dissapeared without a trace. My friend at work today 24/5/10 said he had been lying on his table in his garden on the 23/5/10 in west bromwich and described exactly what i had see, just stationary though, the weird thing was he had no idea i had seen something the day before !! Can anyone through any thoughts on this please, have i seen a UFO ?
Location of Sighting: carshalton surrey
Date of Sighting: 23/05/10
Time: 2230
Witness Name: irene james

Witness Statement: i had been out with my partner his brother and girlfriend,as we walked along the road to his street we noticed this orange light in the sky, we watched it as it was nothing like a plane,it moved very quickly and stayed around for a while then just flew off higher and higher till we could nt see it any more.The guys went ahead of us, clare and i looked into the sky to see another light,this time very bright cream colour no orange,we shouted for the boys to come and see it but they did nt come,we were really excited now and was still shouting for them to come and see it,one of the neighbours was walking across the road but never acknowledge us or that we was looking in the sky at this light,as a rule anyone would of either looked up or at us,it was as if we was nt there,this light was closer and went down behind some trees,we went through the gate and the guys were just opening the front door,very strange as we felt we had been watching this light for a while,also when we said we had been shouting for them neither of them heard us,this really freaked us out as now we felt as if we had been in the twilight zone.
Location of Sighting: Portsmouth UK
Date of Sighting: 22/05/2010
Time: 22:50
Witness Name: David

Witness Statement: Seen from the centre of Portsea Island (Portsmouth) – Bright orange/green light towards the North East at inclination of about 50 degress. Initially moved rapidly from the East (Chichester Direction). Was stationary for a few minutes then rapidly accelerated away skyward.

The main light was orange/green. An illuminated shaft of light extend above the main light. The shaft of light extended about a third of the diameter of the main light. Above the shaft of light was an arc of light extending horizontally.
Location of Sighting: Carpenders Park
Date of Sighting: 24 May 2010
Time: 9pm
Witness Name: vanessa

Witness Statement: Have been watching a very bright glowing light in the sky. The neighbours and I have seen it sitting there before. Its 10 times brighter than a star and sits very still and not a plane or helicopter. It sat there and then at 10.18pm just faded away to nothing. The same thing happened a few nights ago. I saw it out of my patio window and it wasn’t very high above the trees. My patio faces North West. videoed it last week also and people in other side of Watford couldn’t see it so it was low. Last week also it faded away within a second, as if moving away, after burning brightly for at least 2 hrs.
Location of Sighting: Christchurch Dorset
Date of Sighting: 22nd May 2010
Time: 22:00 – 22:30 approx
Witness Name: Mr and Mrs Higgs

Witness Statement: Driving up to our house we saw a very bright orange light – at first we thought it may be a fireball – we watched it for a few minutes and it took a straight flight path over to the west , there was no discernable noise at it eventually faded out in the distance. Turning to go into the house we saw another following the same pattern and then a short time after a third, again the same. Finally we saw a fourth. These four bright orange lights were not Chinese lanterns as they were on the same trajectory, same speed and seemed the same distance/time apart. Our conclusion was that they could have been the after burners of a silent fleet of military aircraft but beyond that we have no explanation for what we observed.
Location of Sighting: A580 approximately 3 miles east of Leigh, Lancs
Date of Sighting: 22nd May 2010
Time: 9.40 p.m.
Witness Name: John

Witness Statement: Traveling along the A580 as a passenger in a car, I saw six or seven dark objects stacked on top of each other. I would say there was around 200ft of separation between them. The objects had a light source that seemed to be on the bottom of the objects. it was almost dark, so it was difficult to see fine detail. They were all moving westward. I can’t imagine they were powered micro lights flying in the dark at that time. I wonder if anyone else saw this.
Location of Sighting: Banbury, Oxfordshire Date of Sighting: 22/05/10 Time: 11.38pm Witness Name: Wil Mellis Witness Statement: I was in the garden with my mum and 3 other people and we all saw bright orange lights darting around the sky. There was no noise at all. It was moving around so quickly there is no way it could have [...]
Location of Sighting: Banbury, Oxfordshire
Date of Sighting: 22/05/10
Time: 11.38pm
Witness Name: Wil Mellis

Witness Statement: I was in the garden with my mum and 3 other people and we all saw bright orange lights darting around the sky. There was no noise at all. It was moving around so quickly there is no way it could have been a helicopter. It was going like the speed of a shooting star but then stopped abrubtly hovered over a house nearby, the colour seemed to drain from it but then went bright orange again and went back and forwards again really fast then flew off. We were all a bit spooked! My mum took a photo but she’s not here with me.

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UFO sighting of orb caught in photo, May 24, 2010, CA.

Event Date: 2010-05-24 Event Location: Pacifica, CA, California, US Event Description: "A friend of mine snapped a UFO ORB unintentionally while...
Event Date: 2010-05-24
Event Location: Pacifica, CA, California, US

Event Description: "A friend of mine snapped a UFO ORB unintentionally while taking a photo from her cellphone of the ocean view near the city of Pacifica, CA. This happened around 1pm. She did not notice the object while taking the photo. She first noticed the glowing object AFTER viewing the photograph so she didn't see the object in motion. I was not with her at the time but she sent me the photo the next day after noticing the glowing orb in the sky. We thought maybe it was the moon but the moon didn't rise til around 3:30pm earliest and its definitely not the sun since its 1pm and she is taking the photo facing west. The sun was above her to the left at that time. She checked her windshielf to make sure there were no bright spots or any type of spot that could make that glowing object in the sky and that was ok as well. We don't think its a planet or star cause its not glittering but glowing.... Here are the photos: one is the original and the other is altered as I increased the saturation of the photo. The third photo is a cropped, up close photo with the saturation increased."

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UFO Sighting Photo Over Cows Oak Wells, Arizona USA.

UFO Sighting Photo Over Cows Oak Wells, Arizona USA.

The following is the unedited and as yet uninvestigated report filed with MUFON.

MUFON Case No. 23401 : According to testimony "I was taking a photograph of a cow in the Arizona desert (Oak Wells, AZ). I did NOT see the UFO at the time, nor did my husband. Photo is time-stamped 11:51 AM. The UFO does not appear in the photos immediately before or after (as it would have had it been an airplane). I only noticed the UFO after I got home and downloaded the photographs to my computer."

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UFO sighting of triangle over California in photo.

Event Date: 2010-05-13
Event Location: Leggett, California, US

Event Description: "I and my niece had been watching strange looking objects when we noticed one of them flying in our direction I decided to shine my laser light not at it but fairly close to it then it slowed down flew closer to us and then stopped. I somehow lost sight of it after shining the laser but my niece whom was behind me was able to snap a picture of a V shaped object. I did not realize that she had this picture until recently."

Credit to the anonymous submitter, MUFON

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Giant pyramid UFO sighting reappears in China, Video.

Giant pyramid UFO sighting reappears in China, Video.

Recently witnesses around the world have been seeing pyramid shaped UFOs with increasing frequency. These UFOs have been seen in Spain, Colombia, China and most famously above the Kremlin in Moscow Russia.
In December of last year dozens of witnesses allegedly saw a giant pyramid shaped UFO hover eerily over the Kremlin. The event made headlines around the world and stunned UFO researchers.
The craft was then seen across the globe and it is now understood that these spaceships are specific to one particular alien civilization.

The footage below comes from the Southern Chinese city of Zhangzhou in the province of Fujian. The event is believed to have taken place in the last month.

According to Chinese researchers these ships come from the vicinity of Sirius and the ETs that use them have turquoise colored skin. It is believed the craft are full of the liquid that these aquatic aliens require to exist. These beings are said to have interacted with the ancient Egyptians.

See video at:

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A silver, orb-shaped UFO sighting in the skies above Burnham-On-Sea.

A silver, orb-shaped UFO sighting in the skies above Burnham-On-Sea at the weekend, it has emerged.

The unexplained object was seen by a visitor on Saturday afternoon (May 22nd) at 1.55pm when it travelled "very fast from east to west across the Bristol Channel" past Burnham.

"It definitely was not a plane as I saw several planes heading into Bristol Airport, but it was flying at about the same height," the eyewitness, Rachel, told

"It was very sunny and was difficult to see the object even with sunglasses. It stayed on the same course, and eventually flew out over the Bristol Channel and disappeared from my sight."

Details of the sighting have been posted on several online UFO enthusiast websites, including here on UK UFO Sightings, where it is generating interest.

Last year, was reported here how another mystery object had been spotted over nearby Brean.


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