UFO Photographed Over Sheep Farm in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK May 2010 UFO sighting.

Back in April this year we reported here at UFO-Blogger that " Farmers in the Shrewsbury area have been finding some of their sheep dead and strangely mutilated. Farmers claim to have witnessed sheep being “lasered” by unidentified light from UFOs. They claim to have even WITNESSED unsuspecting sheep being zapped by two of the spheres."

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Now just, less than four hour drive from Shrewsbury Scarborough Evening News photographer Andrew Higgins was left puzzled after spotting the "unidentified flying object" above Betton Farm, in East Ayton.

As reported in the Evening News last week, Andrew was photographing Basics Plus director Avis Turner at Betton Farm, shooting four frames a second. The mystery object appears in just one frame and appears in no other photo, or in any other taken at the same time around Betton Farm. No aircraft were seen or heard. The small black spots on the photo are dust on the camera sensor.

Evening News reader Russ Kellett has come forward after seeing the image and said he believed the object could well be a UFO.

Mr Kellett, who is vice-chairman of the British Flying Saucer Bureau, said: "When I first saw the picture I thought it was a fighter jet banking to the right, but the problem is that the object looks to have three parts to it."

"There seems to be a main fuselage and then two spheres either side of that and the sphere on the bottom seems to be blocking out the electricity cable.

"It can't be a trick of the light because it is covering the overhead cable and the object appears to be almost the length of the car that is also in the photo."

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