2010, ufo sighting at airshow at Wanaka, New Zealand.

Event Description: Taking vintage aircraft, returning from an airshow at Wanaka,located in the center of New Zealands south Island.

We are located bottom of the northisland,on the westcoast,on the beach.Aircraft are tracking north along the beach,separated by 5 minute separations,in small formations.I also monitored their radio frequency.First to arrive at my location,hieght 1500ft,as I subseqently learnt,speed 230mph,one Curtis Kittyhawk,in lockedwing formation with a very rare mitsubishi zero,owned &flown here by an American,both of course WW2 fighters.range from me,2000ft....Mistakenly,I select "still"mode,instead of video!DANG!....cheepie 3mpxl camera,so still it is...they travel on to Auckland,top of the northisland,where they are based.(Warbirds Association).Remaining flights are videod.End of the session,I download to computor.It is not until 10April,that I studied my handywork.not Impressed.didnt even zoom kittyhawk/zero shot....

Then I noticed third ariel object lower right of still shot,I knew no other aircraft were around at that time....I used windows fax and Image viewer, to look at the area of object...You see the result in the supplied pic "coast 036.jpg" ...a relative of mine,manages the base where these planes operate from.Enquiries reveal,when the pilots were shown the pic,were unaware of being tracked by this thing,being at thier"7 oclock" almost behind them.I estimate its range 1-2ms offshore to the west(pull up google,center satellite view mode,on my house,8 marine parade,Otaki beach,Kapiti coast,North island,New Zealand)this will pinpoint exact fix....We now move to april 21 2010.IN our daily,"Dompost"page A13,(capitalday@dompost.co.nz) appears two identical in- formation objects very low over the radar station in wellington city,about 50ms south of my location,also apparently accidentaly caught.very good pics. ....Last week,on twitter,a gentleman in Salt Lake City,photographed an Identical object,.....Sure gets around.....I checked the rest of my photo session results,no sign of anommalies on any of the other stills &clips."

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