UFO sighting in Venezuela, journalist took photo.

“The time was after 7:30 p.m. and we suddenly heard the dog, in the back yard, bark incessantly. We thought there had been a break-in and we went to look. Since there was no one about, we stayed outside chatting. Suddenly we noticed a blue light in the sky making abrupt ascending and descending movements. We thought it might be an airplane, but I remembered that these use three lights: white in front, when they are about to land, and red and green at the sides. This wasn’t a plane; it was a UFO.”

Alfredo Villalobos, a photojournalist with 25 years’ experience, explained that at the time he was with Maria Romero, his mother-in-law, and he ran inside to get his camera to take a photo of the image. He succeeded, but the object vanished shortly after. “It gave me a chance to take two photos. When I developed them, I realized that a cylindrical object was involved.”

The image was taken by the photojournalist last Wednesday from the backyard of his house in the Altamira Urbanization of the parish of Raul Leoni, where another sighting was reported on December 21, 2007, but on that occasion it was over the La Floresta Urbanization.

At that time, Hector Escalante, a reporter from Caracas who runs the Ovnivenezuela blog with Rafael Gutierrez, collected for his website the impressions of Joelvin Villarreal, a witness to the event, who described a triangular object with perfectly aligned red lights, zigzagging between the roofs of the area’s buildings.

The skies over Latin American capitals have served as locations for countless UFO sightings since ancient times. Venezuela has not been the exception. According to Escalante, a minimum of 10 sighting reports are received from the entire territory, with peak events occurring in the last months of the year.

He explained that the states from which he receives the most information are the Capital District, Merida, Aragua, Carabobo, Zulia and Falcon. From this last location, a minimum of four reports are received every month, leading the researcher to classify the region as a “hot spot”

There are hypotheses suggesting that UFOs come from other dimensions and not other planets, as the popular imagination and Hollywood have suggested over the years. In spite of this, human beings keep looking to the skies, and one of the best examples of this is the SETI initiative (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) that endeavors to find alien intelligent life through electromagnetic signals picked up by various radio telescopes or else by sending messages of different kinds into space, in the hope that one of them will receive a reply. Another example can be seen in the Voyager I and II space probes, as well as Pioneer 10 and 11, which carry messages making known the existence of some of the human races most important advances, in the case that life should be found during their journeys through the cosmos.

The existence of extraterrestrial life has not been found in space or other dimensions, but it was astronomer Carl Sagan who once said: “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

Source: Diario La Verdad (Venezuela) and Planeta UFO

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

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